Please Help!! My 5 month old has a cold and is almost impossible for her to drink her milk?

She coughs inbetween feedings and she stops after 2-3 ounces, she should be taking about 6 ounces every 4 hours, and since she got this cough 4 days ago, she has been eating about 10 ounces a day. Please help. This is my first child and I really do not know what to do. Thanks!


I should also mention that the doctor said to give her Robitussin...I am just worried about the fact that she is not eating enough.

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    Steam and vicks and a thump. Take the baby in the bathroom with you and turn the shower on full blast as hot as it will go. Sit on the toilet with her and let her breath in the steam. Vicks vapo rub! The label says not for children under 2. I don't care what the label says, I have used it on all seven of mine and it helped wonders. A thump. They do this for disabled oe elderly people, and babies with severe resperitory infections. Cup the palm of your hand and give her some good solid thumps up and down her back. Don't worry about thumping too hard, it's hard to do when your palm is cupped and she'll let you know if it hurts! This helps to break the stuff up in her lungs so when she gets a good cough, it will come up. She may not be eating because(this is kinda gross) if she is swallowing what she does cough up, it can stay in her stomach and make her feel full. Just keep her hydrated, inside of mouth being dry, sunken soft spot are signs she's not getting enough fluids.

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    Robitussin for a 5 month old?


    I would hope that he gave you a pediatric version, along with a dropper and the correct ml dosage??? If him back.

    You can also try using an aspirator. That is a bulb like syrnge they sell in the baby section for clearing out the nasal passages in infants. They usually have directions on the back of the package. However, you squeeze the bulb at the bottom, insert just the very tip of the nozzle at the top into one nostril at a time, and release your squeeze on the bulb. This actually suctions out any mucal build up in the nasal passages. You will need to keep a tissue on hand. (you will also need to wash the aspirater out in a basin when done). When you do this before bottle feeding it helps the baby breathe easier while bottle feeding/nursing. You can also help the baby breathe easier by propping her up a little bit, in a semi-sitting position as you bottle feed her. Not so high that she gets too much air in the bottle...but, just high enough so that the sinus build up isn't causing stuffiness as she tries to feed, or post-nasal drip. Sometimes, it also helps to let the baby sleep in her carrier, during a coughy, stuffy nose or cold. The position of the carrier also helps her sinuses to drain instead of building up in her chest and promoting a cough. Some other helpful tips are to look into using a vaporizer near the area that the baby sleeps in. Or, you can run a hot shower, steam up the bathroom with the door shut...and then shut off the water and just bring the baby in the steamy environment for a little bit. This helps to break up a lot of that congestion. Above all should ask the pediatrician which type of robitussin the baby should use (there are so many kinds depending on the symptoms- be sure to take temperature readings - ear thermometers- or the old under the arm technique if you notice the baby feels especially warm/hot. That's the first tell-tale sign that the cold may have turned into an infection).

    My final tip is to consider adding at least one bottle of pedialyte *check for the right ounces for your babies age/weight* (this is great for replenishing all the nutrients our babies may lose when they are sick). Also add bottled water in between feedings. You may even want to use a more watered down version of milk during her feedings throughout her time with a cold! If the doctor hasn't seen your baby in person...make an appointment. If the doctor was not clear on the dosage- demand a call back, and get the RIGHT dosage and medicine. Remember, you are your babies voice- she's, don't settle for less than special medical attention!

    I hope these tips help, and I hope she's feeling better soon !

    p.s. Dont forget that great mommies need rest too!!!! :)

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    Go to a different doctor.

    To give you an idea of the kind of thing that is usual when a baby has cold and cough here's what usually goes on:

    You bring the baby to the doctor to make sure her lungs are clear. They may figure out that its mucous from her nose dripping down her throat and causing a cough.

    Sometimes mothers are given saline nose drops with a dropper and an exact amount to use on the baby to try to help her nose clear up. Doctors often say to put a cold humidifier in the room where the baby sleeps to help her breathe a little better.

    Some doctors will say to give the baby something other than milk because milk causes an increase in mucous.

    Some doctors will see if the baby has a fever and will tell you exactly how much liquid fever reducer to give her and exactly how often.

    What I described above can be a little different from doctor to doctor or from cold to cold that a child gets, but its roughly what should have happened or be happening.

    If you try to give her two or three ounces more often would that work?

    Regardless of whether the doctor saw your baby or not, now that she's not drinking enough (as far as you can tell) you need to go back to the doctor or to a different doctor because if she doesn't get enough to drink she can get dehydrated.

    Doctors generally would rather you bring the baby to see them whether or not you are worried over something that maybe doesn't warrant such worrying, because its better to go and be safe than to not go and have something bad happen.

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    Don't let some of these peoples comments get to you.. There's nothing wrong with you asking opinions of others on the Internet about your baby. You obviously have already taken her to the doctor. Give her the Robitussin as perscribed. She's probably congested and this makes it hard to drink milk. It would be hard for anyone, the phlegm and milk combined makes for a thick substance to swallow. Give her very small amounts of water to help break up the phlegm as well. And feed her more often if she's eating less, that way she'll at least get almost her regular amount. Anyone who's sick loses their appetite a bit anyway.

    If her symptoms are no better or worsen then consult your physician again on Monday.

    You're doing fine......

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  • I would give her the Robitussin as the doctor suggested. If you time it right she may be able to get a good feeding in while the medicine is keeping her from coughing quite so much. If it continues over the weekend I would take her to the dr on Monday. Of course if she seems to be getting worse take her tomorrow. Hope she is feeling better quickly.

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    Feed her smaller amounts more often. If her cough is preventing her from feeding the full 6oz. feed her more frequently. Try different positions to see which she's most comfortable in. Does your doctor know that she's only eating 10oz? What have they said to you? You really should be keeping very close tabs with her pediatrician on this. I'm sure she'll be fine if she doesn't get her required daily amount... the doctor should be able to give you better info. In the meantime... try using a humidifier in her room to alleviate the irritation from coughing.

    Don't panic... you'll make it through this... and your daughter won't remember a thing!

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    If she can't breath properly that will make her not want to eat.You need to go to the drug store and buy salene nose drops and a suction like the bulb suction they use at the gospital.Before you feed her put 2 drops in 1 nostril this will break up secretions and then you can use the bulb to suck it out.Do one at a time until it is clear and then go to the other side.A humidifier might be helpful as well because this time of year the air is very dry which can make a cold evn worse to deal with.This is the best way.Salene is only salt water so it will not harm her.

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    Once your baby feels better, she will eat more. Give her time to feel better. As long as she's drinking some, give her the Robitussin and just let her heal. Your love and cuddling will be the most important medicine. Robitussin works great for a cough for the whole family. Don't let all these people intimidate you. Don't worry. Your baby will feel your stress. My daughter, even after 9 years, still wants to cuddle when she's sick.

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    Think about it... Do you want to eat when you're sick. I know I don't and my son didn't when he was younger. Give the baby the medicine and a small feeding. If she keeps that down, increase it every two to three hours by an ounce or so. Her stomach may just be really upset.

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    Get a nasal asperater and clear out her nasal passage too ,Lots of water ...Do Not Stop her milk though, shes too young...Robitussin I hope its baby kind...thats kinda strong in my eyes...They do however have baby can also get saline drops for her stuffy nose...The hospital where I live gave it to my grand daughter it worked within a few days...dont lay her down after a feeding make her sit up for an hour after eating...Even if you have to carry her around ok...thats what the hospital told my son,cuz the milk sits there and chokes them

    Source(s): Ross Memorial Hospital in Ontario
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