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I always have been humilliated, How do I take a vendetta over those who humilliated me?

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    Dont allow them to humiliate you anymore. Revenge is not the answer. Learning and moving forward is.

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    Do like I do. When someone tries to humiliate me, I start in with a temper tantrum that has no end. I will get louder and louder and start thrashing all over and hitting myself in the head with my fists and screaming and just keep going on like this for an hour or so. You only have to do this a couple of times and they will learn it is not a good idea to humiliate you. It also helps to drool and spit. It worked for me and it can work for you.

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    (i assume vendetta stands for revenge) if yes then-----

    by fogiving them and thanking them instead.

    coz this humiliation should give you a motive to rise to such a level in the society as a human so that a person who is humiliating and mocking at you is laughed at.

    if thats not the case then you deserve the humiliation.

    by the way -- in case you are young(teenager) at the moment --- being successful or having high level/status in society does not mean being a don or a gangster etc etc.

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    Always humiliated??

    Over what pray you think that constitutes a "vendetta"??

    I would say, you are hanging around the wrong people to start with. Secondly, .....take yourself out of the "humiliating game".

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    accept what happened and learn from it. next time you will be prepared.

    revenge will change you in a bad way and waste a lot of your energy that will not always work to your advantage.

    a lot of other people have been humiliated like you and unlike you. of course it doesn't mean you should let them, but just know you are not the only one. i have been there, too, quite a few times myself.

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    A vendetta is not the answer. Don't allow these people to humillate you. Who cares what others think? You know who you be proud of it.

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    go back and lay down in the corner and figure it out...when the time is right you will know..untill you are ready to get your nose out of the wall you may never know...stand up for your self and let ppl know your not gonna take the crap no more...good luck.

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    So far they have been humiliating you. And now you want to humiliate yourself. They do not deserve that much place in your scheme of things. dont waste your mind on them.

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    by becoming successful in your life thats the ultimate payback,to have one of those who made fun of you working in your company,or driving up to burger king in your vette while they take your order.........being successful will give you your revenge .

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    Well, Saint:

    Only you can humiliate yourself.

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