What are the good restaurants in San Mateo, CA?

As long as beets or cottage cheese is not the only thing on the menu, I am game

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    Celia's Mexican Restaurant

    504 Peninsula Avenue - San Mateo

    Buffalo Grill

    66 31st Avenue - San Mateo

    Dining Room

    1602 South El Camino Real - San Mateo

    Gandhi Indian Restaurant

    2299 South El Camino Real - San Mateo

    Bogie's Restaurant

    60 East 3rd Avenue - San Mateo

    Bayside Grill

    1473 Beach Park Boulevard - San Mateo

    Abc Sea Food Restaurant

    973 East Hillsdale Boulevard - San Mateo

    Chicken Unlimited

    901 South B Street - San Mateo

    Good Earth Restaurant

    3190 Campus Drive - San Mateo

    S & B Restaurant

    637 South B Street - San Mateo

    Tgi Fridays

    3101 South El Camino Real - San Mateo

    Pasta Primavera Café

    34 East 4th Avenue - San Mateo


    223 East 4th Avenue - San Mateo

    These are all really good... hope you like one of them or even all of them lol... hope i helped...

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    ABC Seafood

    It's actually in Foster City, which I always considered a subdivision of San Mateo *tease* It's an Asian menu. Their dim sum lunch is mind boggling. They have tanks of live fish and lobsters so you know it's going to be good. It doesn't look like much being in a shopping center/strip mall but food is outstanding.

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    there is a good place that is open 24 hours - Heidi Pie's on El Camino in San Mateo. They serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 24/7 - it's like an upscale Denny's - but way better than Denny's (I hated Denny's, but love Heidi Pie's)... Good place to hit up after a night on the town - AWESOME PIES!

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    1) Kaz Teriyaki grill on 4th. Across from Wells Fargo. Its a take-out place, but its the best teriyaki chicken i've ever had

    2) Santa on B Street. The best ramen you'll ever have. If your definition of ramen is that freeze dried stuff from Safeway, you're in for a treat. Real ramen is amazing.

    3) Pancho Villa on B Street. Awesome burritos, tacos, whatever.

    For more upscale dining Viognier (on top of Draegers on 4th) is pretty solid.

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    the fish market is always a good meal.. i think it may be listed in the foster city directory, instead of san mateo

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    in san mateo TGIF, MAX'S RWC.red lobster

    chevy's , chili's

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    there's a great thai place on 3rd, and great indian place on 2nd. Sorry I don't remember the names, but it's downtown.

    The Thai place is near McGovern's

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