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for whites do u hate for us latinos that we are started to represented ourselves in the US?

for example. mexican flags on peoples houses, cars, etc. that they want papers so they can stay in the US. radio stations like latino 96.3 and stuff like that. i hope u know what i mean

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    People in the U.S. are very sensitive about certain things.

    First, if you want to live in this country, you should support its military and politics. That means, if you want to display the flag of your country of origin, you should put it together with the U.S. flag to show respect for the country in which you live and get benefits.

    Second, people who want legal permission to live in the U.S. should contribute to the tax base. Say that you would be delighted to work and pay taxes rather than working illegally for cash. (If you work at job supported by a labor union you will get paid a lot more even after taxes and you will have a lot of benefits)

    Third, no one cares what music you listen to. So long as it is not so loud that everyone else is forced to listen to it too. Use headphones if you like loud music. If you like to party, do it on weekends and cut the music at 11 pm. Invite your non-latino neighbors every time you have a party (they probably will not come, but then they will not complain, either).

    Fourth, learn English. It is not that difficult. (You personally seem to do OK.) Most latinos can speak some English but they feel awkward. Just try speaking English a little more often.

    Fifth, get the chip off your shoulder. If you act like everybody loves you and you love everybody, it will happen.

    Sixth, get involved in the community in which you live. Go to the PTA of your child's school, at least. Make sure your kids are polite, studious and well-behaved even when you are not around. Make them be aware that others watch them and they must be a good example.

    Seventh, be very, very outspoken to condemn drug, gang activity or criminal activity even when it involves a person of your ethnic background. Crime is a problem in the U.S. Do not make it worse. Set a good example for others to follow.

    Eighth, keep your property looking good to improve property values in your neighborhood. Most people admire nice landscaping and a well-maintained house and vehicle..

    Nineth, look for things that you have in common with your non-latino neighbors. Treat your neighbors in a friendly and courteous fashion. Help the elderly.

    Tenth, always appreciate everything and everyone. Do not criticize, condemn and complain. Smile. Be a happy person. Look friendly. Laugh. People will enjoy having you around.

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    Too bad this forum isn't used for questions and rather is used to spout your personal beliefs. But here goes: Why does the US media hate European Nazis...well...first of all - the term would be Nazis, not European Nazis, but I think you've already shown your ignorance, so let's ignore that part. Why do they hate the Nazis - because they were murderers who pulled the world into war. They murdered millions of people in horrible, dehumanizing ways...and therein ends any intelligence to your question, unfortunately. The US media does not hate Lations and most Muslims are not white or Aryan. Why does the media love Israel? Well, as an Israeli, I didn't notice that the media does love Israel. Instead, I see too often, them accepting the lies and half truths of people who have their own political agenda. About the only thing you got right in this question was the year that Israel was re-established. I use the word "re-estalished" because that way you are made aware of the fact that the country of Israel, as a Jewish state, existed 2000 years ago and the modern country of Israel is simply a re-establishment of a country that had been in the same location for hundreds of years.

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    no i as a caucasian do not hate latinos, in fact have a few friends who are... what i do hate are specifically the latinos that purposely jump the fence to get into this country and live off our welfare system which causes our taxes to go up and those latinos do not pay a penny in taxes for it becuase they are illegal. What really ticks me off is that illegals think they can congregate like the million man march and think that will change anything. it's called getting a green card to prove you are a legal resident of this country and have your rights as an american. And quit being lazy becuase they don't want to wait to get one. tough luck!

    Personally i don't think it's worth 3000 dollars to have yourself stuffed in the dash of a vehicle or the underside of a truck for hours on end or crossing the desert and risk dying just to get in this country. I have to get a passport/visa to go to mexico then it should be the same for the opposite. Just pay the money! If a latino wants to come to the US to live and work, then i have more than enough respect for them(like all my latino friends, who ARE legal), if they come into this country legally. If you are illegal, then by all means go back where you came from and don't come back across the border till you have the papers to prove you are here legally. As you can tell i feel very strongly about this subject, but it is only becuase of the problems that arise from all the illegal immigrants coming to this country. I would expect mexico to treat me the same way we do here if i was illegal, that's why i have a passport/visa so i receive just as equal treatment from the people who live there.

    My stance is like alot of other people on here.... no green card, no rights. So quit trying to waste time protesting about your so call rights(you don't have any in this country if you are illegal) and take the time to fill out the paperwork if you want to "belong" here.

    Oh about this being a land of immigrants, yes that is true. but at least my immigrant ancestors(who were also german) were legal immigrants.

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    Stop asking stupid questions like the one you did, Acting like a ******* that just got here isn't a good idea. As for hanging a Mexican flag, Sure ya can, as long as you hang the American Flag on the top of the flag pole which is required by most city codes. As for papers to stay legal? For what reason do these people that are law breakers have to stay?, Living in poverty isn't grounds for being legal. Contact your local Mexican government official and complain to them.

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    NO ONE IS REALLY A FULL BLOODED AMERICAN. ..... My family came here from Ireland and Scotland in 1906 and they did it the fair and legal way. They didn't bilk the US out of welfare and other things that latinos do ILLEGALLY. I have no problem with anyone being proud of their heritage, but I don't care where your from, you have no right to sneak into our country and take from our children and families who have done everything the way they should have, we don't sneak over boarders and then cry about it.

    So, yes I think that these people from anywhere should have a valid US visa with some kinds of prereqs as to why they have it and how it can be revoked. You have to earn the right to be an American

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    Not all whites hate latinos.

    Some people in America don't even know her history; that Mexico used to encompass Texas, Colorado, California, etc. Nor do they know about the alliance between our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, and Benito Juarez.

    My fellow Americans sometimes have short memories -- they don't remember that they supported NAFTA [North America Free Trade Agreement], which ruined the economies of both Mexico and America; my fellow Americans didn't mind, when they could buy cheap goods, that were made by people slaving away in the maquiladoras on the borders. Under such miserable conditions, that there is not even enough food in Mexico to feed people, it is no wonder that so many risk death, to try to find a better life!

    It were better that my fellow Americans paused a moment to reflect, what misery the support of "free trade" economics has wrought on countries like Mexico!

    Que lastima!

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    Me being Mexican as well, I refuse to be blinded to reality. Mexico sucks, Banda sucks, soccer sucks. I'm not going to be one of you stupid asses out on the street waving a mexican flag while I eat at an American dinner table talking about how great Mexico is, knowing I would never ever wish to step foot on that fetid soil again,nor will I be living in Mexico striving for and spending an American dollar that has the very picture of the people on it who "robbed" the land that my ancestors bled to attain. Common sense.

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    How would you feel if I flew the Imperial German Flag over my house? That was the flag of Germany in 1911 when my fathers family LEGALLY immigrated here.

    I have no problem with people being proud of their heritage, but when your an American....America should be first. Yes I speak German and I LOVE all ethnic food including Latin Food. I also enjoy Latin music. My wife and I love to Lambada.

    Example: I am an American of German decent. NOT German-American.

    God Bless the USA and all who support her.

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    Perhaps you could learn English and then restate your question. We don't hate you, you do your silly little gestures yet you remain here, alive, no one tortures you or takes your sister out and rapes her. You couldn't say the same if we from the US went into Mexico and did the same. Funny how you try to turn your hate for yourself and your country against us by reversing the emotion.

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    We just hate racist Mexicans like you who single out the white people.

    Since you are obviously blind and deaf, (I'm guessing you must have a braille keyboard), I think it only fair to inform you there are also Chinese, blacks, Filipinos, Russians, gays and lesbians in this country also.

    And why do you call yourself "Latino"?

    You are Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, Mexican, Spanish, etc.

    'Latin" is an ancient language, not a country or nationality.

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