C-section or vaginal?

If you had a choice, which would you prefer? I pushed for 5 1/2 with my son and ended up having a c-section because he wasn't coming. Turns out his head was so big that it wouldn't fit. They even had to use a vaccum in the c-section. My next baby, I was glad when they wanted to do the c-section. To me it was easier and I didn't have a long recovery. I was at the mall when the baby was 3 days old. (the baby was home with daddy) Just wondering how others feel.


I just wanted to add that I remember every bit of my kids' delivery. I remember joking with the doctors (asking how my guts looked and begging for a tummy tuck) My kids both came out screaming and pink. I remember more about my delivery than my husband.

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    Had one vaginal, and three csections. I'd go for the section over the vaginal birth ANY day. Recovery was so much easier, even with the incision.

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    I, like hotmamma had 5 vaginal births (pain killer free), the last one was c-section for the very same reason, I had twins and one wasn't upside down and wasn't gonna turn over.

    I personally would rather 15 or more hours of labor over being cut open again. They had to put me out during my c-section because after the first baby I started bleeding really bad and it wasn't stopping. I woke up with them telling me I was just a pint shy of having had a total transfusion.

    I didn't notice any real difference in the recovery time, after all the births and the c-section I was up walking the halls wanting to go home the same day.

    Added note:

    I don't mean to scare anyone with what I said...that was just the problem I had with my c-section.

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    I had2 C-sections, the only downfall is the mucles that will not go back to normal no matter what exercise you do! Other wise HELL YA- C-section!! No bleeding for 6 weeks as they clean out the blood while the c-section! and yes,you are walking in the mall 3 days later! But as I look at my friends who had has vaginal..I wish I did..but on the other hand....the crotch is not been stretched out from birth....you get the point!....Depends on your point I guess. If I had the choice..it would have been normal birth,but my first stoped moving and had to be taken,the second could have been normal but...I seperated my pelvic bone at 6 months in a slip on the ice..I was in pain! (once you have 1 c-section,you can have another)So I called 2 weeks before due and said "TAKE IT OUT NOW!" as I was in so much pain. No waiting..and everyone knows when the babys coming!LOL

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    I had 2 C-sections. During my first pregnancy, I developed preeclampsia. After 3 weeks of bedrest, they decided we'd both be better off with her out. So they induced me at 37 weeks. I labored for 52 hours, pushed for 3, and then had an emergency C-section. (She was in distress, and my BP was through the roof.) Turned out that, aside from all that, I had a skeletal abnormality that would never have allowed her head to pass. And it took two sets of hands and a vacuum to get her out.

    During my second pregnancy, I developed preeclampsia again. And, of course, the skeletal problem was still there. So I had a scheduled C-section at 38 weeks.

    The second one was 150X better than the first. But I still would have preferred to deliver vaginally. Yeah, I was up and around and doing stuff within days of delivering both kids, but so were my friends who delivered vaginally. And my second daughter is 15 months old, and I STILL feel some C-section pain (adhesions?) and lack some abdominal strength. And I'm an active, fit person with a high tolerance for pain.

    I wanted to be able to lift my toddler. I wanted to be able to sleep in my own bed, and to move without thinking, "Don't twist!" I think delivering naturally would have been much better on both of those counts, as well as physical healing.

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    If I had my way I'd have had vaginals from the beginning. My first was breech and my second was an emergency c-section after 7 hours of labor. I'm pregnant again and it will be a c-section just because the other two were. At this point i'm glad it will be a c-section. But if I could start over they'd all be vaginal.

  • I've had 2 sections & 2 vaginal & I would always choose vaginal over a section. The recovery generally isn't that bad after a section, but it is way better after a vaginal birth. You are healed up within a week--no waiting 2 weeks to drive, no restrictions on going up stairs or lifting, no lopsided tummy after being sewn up (blasted fat =) ), no residual numbness, no pain when you twist or turn over in bed. I bled the same amount after each--I don't think the way you deliver has anything to do with the amount of bleeding you have. Unfortunately, I think I will have a hard time finding a Dr. who will work with me if I want another VBAC. That's another thing to consider--it's hard to find a Dr. who will do a VBAC after one section--impossible to find one who will do a VBAC after 2. If you choose a second section, you may be choosing surgical birth for the rest of your pregnancies.

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    I don't like the idea of a c-section. I am going to have my 3rd baby in 2 months and already told my doctor that it is only for an emergency. I can't imagine not being able to pick up my 2 year old because I have a huge cut on my stomach. I think doctors are knife happy. My first one has a huge head too!! Her head is over the 100 percentile. They told me to either push harder or get ready for a c-sec. I pushed harder and she eventually came out. Poor little thing had the biggest cone head- but now it matches her body (although turtle necks are not good for her).

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    Heck, if we really had a choice, i'd bet we'd all say the men could go through it and leave us to go back out to our waiting family and say, yay, it was a boy (or girl), no sweat, no tearing, no cutting, no stitches, no bruising...haha. OR at least a (very) short vaginal, non-tearing non-invasive birth.But since thoses obviously aren't an option (even in the question), I would say a vaginal. As long as everything is medically ok w/ me and the baby, I would definitely prefer it to a c-section. The thought of being cut open for any reason is scary to me, so why would i voluntarily go in for it when there is another, less invasive way?

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    I had a choice for my 3rd and 4th child. I think too many doctors give that choice out just to get rid of the patient. I opted for vaginal delivery. I was up and running right after my delivery and there was no nasty scar. Plus, if you want to think about it cosmetically, I wasn't left with a nasty bulge from the nurses not being able to squeeze the gunk out after delivery. I don't understand why anyone would opt for a c section unless it was medically necessary. Don't play if you don't want to pay

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    One of the worst issues with society is that they never think of the rampefications. Drugs make you feel good, but they are bad for you (and illigal) similarly C-Sections may be 'easier' but there are more complications that can lead to serious issues if a C-Section goes wrong.

    If surgeons trusted themselves enough to preform a perfect C-Section then why do you think they don't do it all the time? It is less laborious on the woman and makes the delivery of babies quick so they can get to better things.

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