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can u please give me a list of thing a 1st time mum would need to buy and a price 4 cot,pram

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    breast pump 20 to 300$

    wipes 5$

    nappy's 12 for 16 $

    pins 2 $

    pram 100$

    car seat 100$

    changing table 20$

    bassinet 40$

    bunting gowns 5$

    crib 200$

    wash cloths3$

    make sure new mum has a little extra $ for things once the baby comes that are unexpected

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    If price is an issue go to the second hand shops. I did for all 4 of my kids. Babies get very little use out of the things bought for when they are newborn so the stuff you get from a second hand shop is in really good condition but cheap! I do not recommend buying a bassinet, just get a cot, bassinets are a waste of money as are cradles, so little use is made of them. A car seat. A change table is unneccesary unless you have a bad back. A towel on the lounge is just as good and you get to sit while you change the nappy. Cloth nappies or disposable, whatever you want. If you buy cloth then you will need nappy buckets one for soiled one for wet and pilchers(plastic pants) to go over the cloth nappy. Cot sheets. You can buy one single bed sheet and cut it up and hem the edges for cot sheets. Toys are unnecessary in the beginning because the baby will get as much enjoyment if you dangle your car keys. If it is summer then all you need are singlets or loose cotton clothing in summer Bonds all in one jumpsuits are ideal for bubs cos they stretch. You will need powder and wipes. A great assist for nappy rash is plain cornflour. Do not put powder and vaseline on at the same time because the two together become an abrasive and create trouble. I can't think of anything else but i am sure i have missed something but someone else will pick up where I have left off.

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    Okay...lets start with the basics.

    first of all you are going to need diapers. Any brand you feel comftorable with. For a small pack of about 100 or so for new borns will cost about $9-$10 at almost any store.

    next you are going to need bottles (even if you breast feed bottles will become a important) bottle prices range anywehre form $3 to $10 depending on the brand, type of bottle and where you are shopping. Walmart is GREAT for most of your basics.

    Okay, your going to need cloths, can't have a naked baby. Onesies are great and pretty cheap. You can get those at walmart or babies-r-us, practically everwhere. They are about $4-$10 for a pack of 3 or 4 (some even have 5 or 6). Again pricing is going to depend on where you go and the brand you choose.

    You have the option of getting pacifiers. those usually range about $3 for a pack of 2 at any store (even grocery stores).

    If you do not plan on breast feeding you will need formula. Again there are tons of brands and your Dr. can help you pick out a brand that would suit your baby the best. They are pretty expensive though (between $10 and $20 for a can).

    YOu are going to need a place for the baby to sleep as well. Your choice between a basinett or a crib. Those prices varey as well.

    I suggest that you go to and or go to the acutal stores and look around for items you might like to get for your baby.

    There are hundreds of items you can buy for a baby, not all of them are necessary. Alot of what you get is going to be determined by what you think you have to have or what you really want.

    Good luck with your new addition! I hope this helped a little.

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    I can't give you much help with the prices of these things, but here are a few things you will need: crib, carseat, stroller, changing table, diapers, wipes, towels, washrags, blankets, newborn sized clothes particularly onsies and gowns, newborn sized socks (I like the ones that fold over bc they stay on better), pacifiers, a swing or bouncing chair because you will need to put the baby down every now and then. If you plan on bottle feeding you will need bottles, formula, baby water(it comes in gallons and you use it to mix with formula), you will need to sterilize the bottles so make sure you have a pot big enough to put a few bottles into to boil. If you plan on nursing you don't need to buy anything except maybe some nipple ointment because for the first few weeks it hurts to nurse and the ointment helps. The most important thing you need to buy is the book BABYWISE. I swear by it. It will tell you everything you need to know to get your baby on a schedule and sleeping better faster. I hope I helped a little. Look on Babies r' us website to find the prices for these things because they vary with quality and brand.

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    Ok Np...You'll need : Diapers 20.00 a bag,Bottles Depends what Kind),Crib almost 200 depending where you look) & Bassinet-?? , Clothes:Undershirts,Sleepers,pants,socks,shirts & Booties..Sweaters...Stroller with carseat built in but comes out..

    baby Tub 30.00 walmart etc Best palce to buy it or Zellers...these are Just some of the stuff you'll need...Breast pads , lots of other shampoo,Body wash Unscented stuff,Wipes...

    Baby Thermometer (Anal) Tempra Drops(Fevers),Baby zinc Ointment(Rashes) Orajel for teething(Babies)

    Source(s): Im a mom of 5 hehhehe I know if ya need more help let me know,Cindy Good Luck
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    well never been asked this Question before but can give you a list of some things you will need .

    can't give cost of everything cause every sate cost varies OK . dippers,baby wipes ,receiving blankets ,crib,clothes from 0to3mos,Dipper rash cream A&d is the best ,brest pump if nursing witch is best for babys health,baby

    shapoo and lotion,baby powder,dipper bag ,this is all i can think of at this point hope it helps and good luck with the baby.

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