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Crush? Infatuation? I dont know but i like this girl who has a bf and i want to be with her. I need advice?

advice please if you dont mind

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    good luck. try spending some time with her and helping her see what a good guy you are. see if she has any inclination of liking towards you, however dont be too agressive because you could be asking for serious trouble.

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    Dont go for her while she has a bf. Not a good idea unless you would like to haver her bf be very angry with you. its just a crush passing by.

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    Dear, if she has a boyfriend and seems to be happy with him, you will only look bad in her eyes if you try to break them up. If she seems unhappy, make a friend out of her first and see where it takes you......Take care

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    ask her out and if she tells you she is dating someone else say well if you are ever available then I would like to take you out and smile at her!

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