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He keeps sneezing!!!?

I recently took in a stray...I have had him for almost a week and yesterday he started sneezing. He sneezes quite often. He doesnt have any discharge coming out of his nose or eyes though. Should I be worried???.... What can it be???


I have other cats but they are vaccinated for all upper respitory diseases. And the new cat has just got his vaccines the day i got him

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    I just went through the same thing. It started with my outdoor cat accidentally being brought to a shelter because someone thought he was a stray. Fortunately, he had a tag and the shelter called me the next morning to come get him. Unfortunately, a few days after he came back home, he started sneezing in repeated bursts about 4-5 times in a row.

    I took him to the vet when it didn't get better after two days. The vet examined him and took his temperature. He had a fever as well. The doctor did describe it as an Upper Respiratory Infection (URI). She said there could be several different causes but that it was most likely either bacterial or viral. She prescribed a twice daily dose of Amoxcil droplets (she gave me them during the visit). She also recommended using Children's Benadryl in liquid form to ease the symptoms for a few days. She recommended 0.5mg per pound of the cat's weight. I went to Walgreens and found out the conversion from mg to ml. For my 10 pound cat, it worked out to be 2ml, which is very small. I'm telling you this because if you do this, ask for your vet's opinion and don't attempt to administer this yourself without help. Too much can hurt the cat.

    Lastly, even though my other indoor cats had their vaccinations last year, they ended up contracting the same thing anyway. I tried keeping them seperate, but this is an airborne infection from the sneezing.

    I would recommend taking your cat to the vet to determine exactly what is wrong and ask if your other cats are at risk. It's better to be safe than sorry. Since there is no white or yellow discharge, it's a good sign it's not likely one of the more serious diseases, and that the cat will get better soon with antibiotics. Good luck!

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    Always best to have him checked by a vet, it can be allergies or an upper respiratory infection. It also should be vaccinated and be checked for fleas and parasites. Bring in a stool sample along to rule out parasites and make sure it is no longer than 12 hours old!

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    dog or cat?...if its a cat it could be URI which is an Upper Respiratory Infection. it can get really bad for your cat and if you have other cats is very contagious to them. If it is a dog then it could be Kennel Cough. which is like a cold in dog form. Highly contagious as well and is most commonly seen in dogs from shelters, dogs kept at kennels, or dogs that get groomed. They do have vaccines against these diseases.

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    WHAT? Thats the most obsurd thing ive ever heard!!! XDD ants dont sneeze...? ;o Are you sure its not hyperventilating or something? Hmm.. try blasting up some music to over power its sneeze ( can hear them sneeze????)

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    I have 2 RagDoll kittens and they sneeze when they first wake up from sleeping. This makes 3 RagDoll's that I have had and my first one got over the sneezing with age.

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    he probley got a little cold. my cats always sneeze ;but the vet said it;s ok long as there eyes aren;t full of runny stuff. if your kitty;s still sneezing in a couple of days; bring it to the vet good luck

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    It might be a cold. I dont know. But you should be wworried. THAT, i know.

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