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Is it normal to experience pain if intercourse is continued after I orgasm?

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    i go through the same thing, it is just that your body is so sensitive after having an orgasm, things start to hurt. If you don't like the pain, then stop after the orgasm....that's what i finally had to do, and i don't have to deal with it anymore. Its a simple problem with a simple solution. Just make sure if your man hasn't had an orgasm and you have to find other means to help finish satisfying him.

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    "Is it normal to experience pain if intercourse is continued after I orgasm?"

    There is no quick answer to your question.

    Yahoo! Answers is a terrible place to ask for medical advice. Medical professionals would need to ask you several more questions to be able to answer your question accurately and intelligently. This forum doesn't allow you that kind of expertise or interaction.

    Do you mean an aching pain or a burning sensation? Where exactly is the pain located at the entrance of your vagina or deeper in? When was your last menstruation? Do you feel pain when you urinate? Etc.

    Go to a Planned Parenthood clinic or ask your parents to let you see an obstetrician/gynecologist (commonly called an "O.B.G.Y.N.") and ask that medical professional to examine you and answer your questions.

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    See the problem is, it is also that way for guys. That's why we conk out when we're done. If you're going to want to quit when you're done, well, now you're just setting up a race to the finish line..

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    some people are very sensative after orgasm, its different for everyone.

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    It could be normal for you. You tend to tighten up after.

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    Possibly. Try some KY jelly.

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