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My dogs fur turned pink with Frontline Plus...?

Anyone have that happen? What could it be?

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    wow i have not heard of any sort of reaction to frontline...hmm...and i see a lot of animals during the day. Was there something on his coat before that that might have reaccted with the Frontline? shampoo or new perfume for your dog?

    Source(s): Vet Tech 4 years
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    This is 9 years old, so it may be a dead thread, but I was about to give my cat some frontline, and the frontline itself turned pink! Bad stuff out there? No idea.....

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    I dont know... Maybe an ingrediant. Im not quite sure. but i bet a vet or an animal obcessed person who knows every little detail about dogs might know. Or you can call the company and ask. Depends.

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    I have never heard of this sort of reation before, kind of strange. I would call the vet and make sure your dog isnt having an allergic reaction.

    Source(s): Vet Tech
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    thats cool

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