Help in school with rejection issues?

Ok I might be over thinking this but in school for my english class I have to choose a song.

I think (emphasis on think) that God wants me to use the lyrics of a band I like called Barlow Girl. But the way I've seen non Christians act towards my faith on this board is horrible and I can't face that kind of rejection from my peers. So what should I do?

(Christians only please).

P.S. I feel particularly called to the song "Grey".


wide awake, I would email you but I don't have your address. I don't beleive being Gay or Lesbian is any worse than any other sin (excluding violent crimes). I don't feel that the homosexual community should be discriminated against in any way and attacking a gay or any other kind of individual is hateful and wrong. I don't mind having freindships with gays because I don't require any of my freinds to be perfect. Homosexuals should be able to take any jobs that they qualify for including child care and teaching. Don't label me as a "homophobe" because of my religious beleifs which are far more battered than a gay lifestyle in this day and age.

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    You need to find joy in that rejection. It may very well be that only one person will be reached, and they may not even react for years. That does not matter. Consider yourself in good company when you are rejected. So was our savior. Be bold and very courageous.

  • lenny
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    1 decade ago

    If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Why not just pick 'when september ends' by Green Day instead? It's clean, emotional, and popular.

  • Anonymous
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    Perhaps if you stopped attacking LGBT people, and claiming your faith as a basis for your learned hatred, you wouldn't get as much rejection.

    Why not try tolerance, peace and understanding for a change? Isn't that what Jesus would want you to do?

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    I think you should pick a song that YOU want to use, and stop worrying about God's input in MUSICAL TASTE. WHERE DOES IT END?!?!

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  • 1 decade ago

    go for it!

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