does anyone have an address to complain about lessor(rent to own) about them trying to run a person out of the

I once had the answer from someone but my computer missed up and I lost all my mail. I was please needing an address to complain about a lessor trying to run someone out of there (rent to own)home.

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    1 decade ago
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    In California, if the renter paid an option fee of more than one month's rent and part of his rent was applied towards the purchase price of the home, the owner cannot just evict the renter. Check your state's laws and I agree, get a lawyer.


    Source(s): Satar Naghshineh California Licensed Real Estate Broker and Investor
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    Without knowing the details, I would suggest you contact your state department of real estate. Your state will have landlord/tenant laws that must be adhered to. If there is a purchase contract, there will be stipulations in the contract on how to handle problems.

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    I would first of all get a lawyer, that is the best way to protect yourself, and then move into complaints.

    If he is part of a company report him to the better business bureau, if he is not, then it's all based on what you have in your contract.

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