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Acupuncture, an ancient medical treatment using needles to relieve pain and treat diseases, originated in which Asian country?

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    Acupuncture originated in China.

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    Here is the Authentic info. with source:

    "What is the origin of acupuncture?

    According to known documentation, acupuncture has its origin in China over a thousand year B.C.

    During the end of the XIX century and beginning the XX century acupuncture was introduced to countries such as Europe, France and England. It has since been practice medicine.

    This modality of treatment becomes known in the USA and Puerto Rico in the early 1970s."



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    The origin of acupuncture is shrouded in antiquity. Legend has it, that thousands of years ago a Chinese soldier developed a stiff and painful shoulder, what we would now call a frozen shoulder. He went to his doctor who despite his best efforts could not help him. So the soldier gradually accepted the idea of living with the pain. One day, during a battle, a miracle occurred. He was wounded in he leg and suddenly his shoulder which had been stiff and painful for many years, could move freely again without pain.

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    Acupuncture originated in China.

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    have you ever read a book?

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