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something isn't right?

For a while i've believed i might have anxiety problems. But today I went to work feeling perfectly fine then when i got back into the kitchen I started to get extremely nervous and paranoid. I couldn't hardly even look at my co-workers I was so nervous. My movements were jerky and robot like and when i had to speak it was very monotonous. My eye movements were very paranoid or at least it seemed. Then I started to be short on breath and i had a tendancy to hold my breath when talking to someone or when doing something near one of my co-workers.

I felt like everyone in the room was stairing at me even tho i knew it wasn't true. Then sometimes I'd just lockup when doing something i'd get so nervous. There are times i'd goto work and be perfectly fine. This not only happens sometimes at work but also at school in certain classes.

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I hope it is just social anxiety. I don't think it's anything else because i don't talk to myself. I don't see or hear stuff that isn't there.

I feel like people will think i'm weird or crazy because of what i think are anxiety problems.

If you need more info please tell me and i will add more details.

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    panic attack, see your doctor, he can give you meds to help out.

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    If you are beginning to feel anxiety or panic attacks or anything along that order, you don't have to feel them every time at first, or you may. Those things also have the potential of getting worse or turning into phobias such as acrophobia where you can never be in a crowd. You need to see someone who can talk through those fears or paranoias. If you do that now, rather than later when they could become more established, you will be glad you did something about the problem and best of luck. Don't forget that going to a psychologist does not mean you are crazy. If it is any relief to you, I have heard that there are only two types of people in the world. Neurotics and psychotics. Neurotics build castles in the air and pschotics live in them. The doctor collects the rent. In short, everyone has some kind of problems, it is those who do something about them that quit paying rent.

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    TTM.....I am not a doctor but mental illness runs heavily in my family and I work with people with emotional problems....You are by no means crazy....

    The only sound advice I can give you is to make an appointment with a mental health clinic....usually people who suffer from depression/social anxieties etc can also benefit from doesnt mean you will be in it forever just while you are adjusting to meds etc....

    If you have someone you feel close to...friends, family etc it is very helpful to let them know how you are feeling

    More than likely you will be given some form of anti depressant...if you do go that route dont give up if the first medication or even the second doesnt work...there are MANY different types and sometimes it takes a few tries to get the right one for you

    Best of Luck and Keep your head up

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    No expert here...but, I have experienced my share of panic attacks and did seek help from a psychologist...which helped a great deal! Some of the "symptoms" that you expressed are things that I experience during a panic/anxiety attack...belief that everyone is focused on me, holding my breath, heart racing, shaking...

    I would recommend gaining knowledge about anxiety...if you have a counselor or psychologist at school (I saw a psychologist at school - in college at the health center) really did help to talk to someone who didn't think I was nuts and assured me that there were ways to help calm and avoid panic...

    Interestingly enough...I work with someone who also has anxiety are definately not alone!

    I'm sure that stress can also enhance or cause, by finding out more information (that is accurate - from a professional) you can determine what is really happening

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    When I was in my last year of high school, I couldn't go to a theater, to junior achievement meetings or church without getting all out of breath and then feeling like my face was asleep. I was invited to the Sacramento Mountains by the French honor society which I was not a member of and every time they had a class on geography or wines or whatever I would start holding my breath and breathing like I couldn't catch my breath. They started me on some valium I guess but I quit taking it because it wouldn't let me breathe (I'm asthmatic) they said it as social anxiety. I outgrew it since it hasn't happened to me as an adult. See your doctor about it.

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    You are going to be okay. Try to take deep breaths, slowly, and envision a calm place in your mind.

    Try to find the source of your anxiety. Tell a doctor what you are experiencing. Sometimes temporary medication can help. Anxiety disorders run in my family and it doesn't take much to trigger an attack. There are alot of people out there with the same problem and thoughts. You are not alone. I hope I have helped you..........

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    you have anxiety, really don't worry dude, you don't have like schizophrenia or anything like that. Its just anxiety. You can go to Wal-Mart and try some of these pills called "Calm". They work good for social anxiety like you speak of. But if they DON'T work, you should really think about making a doctor appointment to get put on prescription anti-anxiety pills.

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    What you have described is exactly what my late husband had. Social anxiety. You need to go to your doctor or a psychiatrist and get properly diagnosed so that you can get the meds to stabilize you brain chemistry.

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    Talk to a therapist and you will know for sure what's wrong.

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