Is it illegal to mail Texas lottery (scratch off) tickets out of state?

I am making a care package for my nephew stationed at Ft. Benning during boot camp, I am also wondering if any of you know the "no-no's" of what is prohibited. I checked the USO site but it was alil' vague. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Also I don't know if the category I put this question in is correct but I thought this would fall under legal but that wasn't an option.


Thanks for your help, I've received a response to my emails to the Texas Lotto and the USPO. If you ever need to know it is legal and the recipient would have to cash the winning ticket within Texas. Based on this response, I'll tag the bst answer below.

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    It's probably not illegal to mail Texas scratch offs out of state (it would hopefully say it on the back of the ticket). However, it would be virtually impossible for your nephew to cash in any winnings from the tickets in his state. He'd have to come back to Texas to redeem any winnings anyway since other states do not cash other states' lottery tickets. You're probably better off sending crossword puzzles or some other interesting activity to do during down time than lottery tickets.

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    The USPO does have some funky laws, but generally, it is only illegal to SELL lottery tickets across a state line (violates both federa law and the law of the state you are sending them into). If you are sending tickets to a family member and not trying to make money on it you have no problem.

    You can write the smart guy at ( but that is the answer.

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    I don't know why it wouldn't be legal it's just that they can't be cashed in in any other state. If he has a winner he will have to send it home and have someone else cash it in for him. I know I have bought tickets in other states and never had any problem.

    As far as the other question I can't help you there.

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    First off why USO

    Edit: Didnt mean to say USO isn't military, what I meant was an Army/Navy/AF/Marines site, God Bless our troops and God bless the USO

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    It actually depends on the state your sending it to I think, if scratch tickets are illegal to purches in that state, it would also be illegal to import them or send them into the state also.

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    I wouldn't think so. People travel out of state to buy them when the jackpot gets very high. Don't think it would be any different.

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