Muslums and Christian?

Ive been seeing some pretty aggresive message about muslums vs christian latley. My question is I thought that Muslums actual consider Christian to be blessed aswell for the belief in Virgin Mary. I also though that Muslums believed that Jesus was a prophet of God, not necessarilly his son, but that he was a prophet. Are religions arent the same but they have a lot of similarities. Where is the love?

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    i gave this answer to someone and my answer would be the same to all people. i love u as much as i love my own brother/ sister . u havent harmed neither me nor my family nor my country, so why would i bear grudge against u for no reason. freindship, love and respect shouldnt be bound or limited to religions, faith. and u are not going to Hell just because u are from a different Faith. each and everyone of us will be judged by our DEEDS. so hope to see u in Heaven sometime. Allah has always brought those Righteous and honored them.

    An-Nahl | 128 verses | The Bee سورة النحل

    Sura #16 | Makkah

    90 Lo! Allah enjoineth JUSTICE AND KINDNESS, and GIVING to kinsfolk, and forbiddeth lewdness and abomination and wickedness. He exhorteth you in order that ye may take heed.

    Al-Maeda | 120 verses | The Table Spread سورة المائدة

    Sura #5 | Madina

    8 O ye who believe! Be STEADFAST WITNESSES for Allah in EQUALITY, and let not hatred of any people seduce you that ye deal not justly. DEAL JUSTLY, that is nearer to your duty. Observe your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is Informed of what ye do.

    9 Allah hath PROMISED those who believe and do GOOD WORKS: Theirs will be FORGIVENESS and IMMENSE REWARD.

    have a nice day and peace to all.

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    My mother was Christian and my father was Jewish. I converted to Islam. Islam teaches that the last prophet is Mohammed. Jews believe the messiah (the messenger) is yet to come. Christians believe it was Jesus (and he is the son of god).

    The ancient texts reveal information about the last prophet (where his location would be, Medina, and that he was an orphan). My Christian friend is looking for the truth and asked her priest about this. He said that the description was of Jesus. She asked him to show her the actual text and he could not. This is because that information is in the old (non changed) Torahs. This would be the Old Testament in the bible. However, the Old Testament has been translated so much that much of the origional text is changed and some left out (this portion was left out).

    Many Jews converted to Islam when Mohammed came to Medina because they were waiting in Medina for the last prophet as described in the Torah. However, many did not convert because they were insulted that he was Arab and not Hebrew.

    It is interesting to note that Mohammed said that many Jewish people would be in Heaven.

    Also interesting to note that those people who have even a small grain of faith in their hearts will go to heaven after a time in hell.

    I personally believe that Judaism and Christianity are precursers to Islam. And yes, the religions are very similar. I have friends of all religions. There are good people in every faith and misguided ones as well.

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    It's that exclusivity doctrine. Gets 'em every time. Each side assumes that THEY and ONLY they are right and that therefore everyone else must be wrong. Never mind that they are both in serious need of reality therapy.

    I do like Marissa's answer, though. It's startlingly refreshing to see a reasonable stance in a religion.

    Ms. Bedouin, by following your logic, the Mormon faith is the "true faith" because supposedly HE's the most recent and last prophet of God. At least that's what his follwers claim. Why should anyone believe you over them?

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    i eerily felt you were tallkin about me when you asked this.i have been guilty.and not that i feel the need to explain but i will answer your not one to be cowed and turning the other cheek aint my when i read some questions that i know are meant to get a rise,i rise up.and with so much ammo they give me its kinda fun.i dont think they can honestly debate.and surely not with the bible vs. their emotions get into the way when they cant come up with an intelligent,coherent answer.they call the prophet of God wicked God Himself vile things.things no muslim would say about their religion.callin islam false is fair game.but the prophets of God are off is the Lord God i put my dukes up and throw it at em.hoping to make them see that our feelings are just like any other human being.and i dont love what dont love me.i love what Allah loves,and dislike what He dislikes. love is reciprocal.thats islam.

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    I grew up with my moms family being 100% strict Catholics and my fathers are 100% strict Muslims. so i know alot of both religions. Muslims do praise Christians and their beliefs, They also do belive Jesus was a prophet of God, just not his son. They do not believe in God having offspring. I have many different beliefs so I consider myself agnostic. It is kinda hard to choose in my situation haha. Hope I helped!

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    nicely, carry out a little actually homework: looking His faith lots has been made approximately Barack Obama's faith. yet what does he have self assurance, and how did he arrive at those ideals? he's now a Christian, having been baptized interior the early Nineteen Nineties at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. yet rumors approximately Obama's faith persist. interior the hot NEWSWEEK ballot, 12 % of electorate incorrectly have self assurance he's Muslim; better than 1 / 4 have self assurance he became into raised in a Muslim homestead. the story of Obama's religious journey is a uniquely American tale. it rather is one among a seeker, an intellectually curious youthful guy attempting to cobble collectively a non secular id out of myriad impacts. continually interested in life's great Questions, Obama launched into a non secular quest wherein he tried to reconcile his rational ingredient along with his longing for transcendence. He stumbled on Christ—yet that hasn't stopped him from asking questions. "i'm on my own faith journey and that i'm looking," he says. "I circulate away open the prospect that i'm fullyyt incorrect."

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    We beleive in Mary's virginity, we beleive in Jesus as a prophet, we beleive that christians are the people of the book. there are some similarities in prophets' names and stories. Love? I wish I knew, but heres the fun part, educated and intelligent Muslims and Christians have the love and understanding you are talking about, look around your self, remember beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, peace

    Source(s): a Muslim
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    In the Qu'ran, the Jews are called "The People of the Book" and Moses is the most mentioned man in the Qur'an.

    Some spell it Koran

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    it is not everyone showing so much hate...I just answer some of the rude and obnoxious questions...if you can really consider them questions... I feel everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion...but I do request you show some respect..that's all...I am Muslim by the way.. i will not say anything disrepectful about any other Religion....

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    I agree, I thought religions were supposed to be peaceful, but people make them to be so violent, when they have a ton of similarities. Its like "whats the point?"

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