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which WR and RB should start..PLEASE HELP?

Here is my current roster, but in 12 team league and no one left to take.....what are thoughts about M. Jenkins (Atl - WR) available. but really no one else...any suggestions on changing who i benched would help...or any sleepers at RB or WR that may pick up in FA C. Henry (Cin - WR) taken, rb for SF GORE and robinson taken...been doing research, but need some help...RB morris from sea, jennings wr gb, all weak but im stuck, unless any oddities out there...I can also bench a reciever, move colston up and put in te De. Clark but he is questionable, but gilmore is avail. cant find any TE either

QB J. Delhomme (Car - QB)

QB D. Huard (KC - QB)

WR S. Smith (Car - WR) P

WR D. Gabriel (NE - WR) P

WR Re. Williams (Jac - WR

WR B. Berrian (Chi - WR

RB K. Jones(Det - RB

RB C. DillonNE - RB

TE M. ColstonNO - WR,TE

BN De. Clark Chi - TE

BN M. Jones-Drew Jac - RB

BN D. Williams Car - RB

on bye

BN B. Roethlisberger Pit - QB

BN A. Toomer NYG - WR

BN H. Miller Pit - TE


starting roster 2QB, 4WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1K, and 1DEF, trying to fill these spots

Update 2:

already have K casey and def carolina, just need help with other spots

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    Your WRs aren't bad... Smith's a stud, Gabriel's worth starting over someone like Jenkins, Reggie's streaky, but better than any sub, and Berrian's okay. As for RB though, I would be inclined to start Deangelo over Dillon because Dillon was injured last week and dressed but didn't play. At least with Williams, he has a chance to break big plays with his speed.

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    Pick up Frye if he's available!

    Huard (Delhomme, Bye), s.Smith, A Toomer, Re Williams, D. Gabriel, Dillon, D. Williams, Colston (He is a WR/TE in your league, if not replace him for Gabriel, Miller

    This is what I see. Good luck

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    I would start Gabriel and Dillon. If this in fact is what you are asking.

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    go to this site for help

    Source(s): know who to play on sunday? Let the people vote on any 2 players you choose.
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