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has anyone encountered a ghost or anything of the like?

tell in depth

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    Several years ago I had an unusual experience concerning an uncle, a distant relative who lived over a thousand miles away.

    While driving my car I suddenly felt the unmistakable presence of this relative that I hardly even knew. He was more like someone I had heard about than someone I knew. It was very strange; it felt as though I was momentarily lifted right out of my physical body. I seemed to be suspended somehow beyond space and time, bathed in a love so intense It felt like I could have just disappear into it at any moment if It would have let me. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it seemed to last forever at the same time. I realize how crazy this must sound. The experience was so strong that at first I was afraid I was loosing my grip on reality. I finally managed to chalk it up to an over active imagination.

    Three days later I got a call from my aunt telling me that this uncle we are talking about had gone into a coma and died the day I had the experience. It felt like ice water had been poured down my back when she told me this. I had lost any real ideas of God or faith and had become somewhat of an atheist. Needless to say this experience caused me to rethink some of the conclusions I had come to.

    I feel blessed to now understand that even in our darkest confusion something loves us so much that it went out of its way to assist me and bring me back to a state of absolute certainty about Gods love for us.

    During the experience it seemed like there was a vast amount of information that I was somehow allowed access to. One thing that I came away from this experience understanding beyond any shadow of a doubt was that any Idea that God is unhappy with us or would judge or allow us to be punished for any reason is simply impossible.

    I can’t explain the love I felt with words. They simply don’t make words big enough or complete enough to do this. The only way I can begin to convey this love to you is to say that there was simply nothing else there. Nothing but love. No hint of judgment, no displeasure of any sort. It is as though God sees us as being as perfect as we were the day we were created. It is only in our confused idea of ourselves that we seem to have changed.

    I hope this is of some help to you. Good luck. Love and blessings.

    Your brother don

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    Yes ,three times.(I'm 53 now)Once when I was 16,a friend and I were in an old abandoned farm near the barn,at night when a blond lady with a lavender dress floated out of the barn.She was "see through" but you could see the colors.She went passed us (15 feet away) never looked at us and just disappeared.We went back several times, never saw her again.

    Couple years later a group of us were at our old elementary school at night ,outside talking and the drinking fountain came on and we looked and the handel turned left and went off.

    When I was about 45 my late Dad paid me a visit .I didn't see him but I know it was him.As i left for work at 4:00 am I walked out into the dark hall and felt someone behind me ,then through me and then in the kids play room their toy telephone said "Bye-Bye".The toy would only do that if you held the pound and the star keys at the same time.Since then,nothing.

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    Yes. It looked like my cousin. And I saw it in the daylight coming to the door as I did dishes. I thought that my cousin had come home, but the screen door never opened. So I went around to see what was holding him up, and he wasn't there, and didn't come home until later.

    The others that still live in that house don't see him anymore.

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    Yeah, there was a six year old who died laughing in my backyard. During the fall i hear her laughing and jumping into piles of leaves. Her and my sister used to play together when my sis was younger. I've named the girl Autum, i think that's the season she died.

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    no, but i have had some strange fealings whenever i went to this one house when we were gonna purchase a new home like things would be there for one minute and the next i look over its not there

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    I seen six so far, three just the past two years, half of those were Spirits, or Angels. I felt many many others and knew who some were. since the age of about four, I seen or felt them.

    I felt God's presences once, and felt in my head him say, "I am happy with you"

    Spirits are either relatives, guides or Angels from heaven.

    Ghost are dead people stuck on Earth, or heading for the light.

    I work at a Hospital, I came out of a exame room, when I saw a cloud headed my way with a head on it, I believe it was headed for the light when I stepped in front of it and cut it off, it stopped face to face with me as if we were kissing. I automaticly jumped backwards in the room I just came out of, it was greyish see through, and broken up, no eyes, but it did have the ghost mouth, then I felt what it said, "oh no, I am scaring the hell out of him" then it took off looking like a bolt of lighting.

    Also that same year 2004 and 5 I believe it was a Spirit from heaven, try communicating, for about 7 months, mostly while I sleep and all the lights are out, it will come. I only seen it once, I was awaken to my blanket being slid off me slow and gentlely, I see a completely white shadow at the foot of my bed glowing, and felt what it was thinking, "he can see me" I got up hours later to find out my son was sleeping on his blanket on the floor. I believe it to me my Spirit guide, and that it wanted my blanket to put on my son. two days later, it came back, I didn't sense is this time, it move somethings around, and took another blanket off me and roll it into a ball, and put it on the floor where it was standing when I saw it, basically did that to let me know that I wasn't dreaming.

    Sometimes when I sleep, my Spirit senses and knows where it is and what it's doing in the room as if I can see it, and feel what it's thinking. The last time it came back, I was asleep and felt it come through the roof, and it floated just over me, I put up my blanket to divide us, and I hear myself say go away leave me alone, I was amazed, when SHE started talking to me, most beautiful womans voice I ever heard, first thought was she's an Angel, her voice was so comforting to hear, I fell to sleep the rest of the way, woke up hours later and remember it all except for what she said.

    My son has been seeing it too. When my girlfriend was there on night while I was at work, she felt the blanket lift up while she slept on her stomach, and she got a back rub, she turn around thinking it was me, that I came home, no one there.

    The last one was about four months ago, my son is now four, he was saying ghost man walk through walls, I was thinking it's a woman, I heard her voice. but he was right, there was another. I was awaken on the couch, since there is to much action in that bedroom, I sleep on the couch now, didn't know why I woke up, but something caught my eye to my left in the living room, it was the backside of a man walking from me, he went through the wall, he too was completely white and glowing, but I notice he was short to the floor as if no legs, but I got thinking, I am in a trailer, he's walking on ground level.

    well that was the last three, perhaps She is my Spirit guide or they are realtives from heaven, they came when I prayed for protection for my son, his mother that got the back rub, and I.


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    No. Just something that scared me at the time, but that I now know was just nerves and autosuggestion.

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    nope.. im sorry the thought of ghosts give me the geepers-creepers!:D

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    Nope. And no-one ever will. Or smurfs either.

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    They don't exist. Sorry you are misinformed.

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