How do you keep a 2 1/2 year old boy in his room to go to bed?

I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and he has been sleeping through the night for 2 years. Now all of a sudden when we are converting him from his Crib to a Bed he is not sleeping and getting out of his room and coming in our room. I am running out of patience with him, me and my wife cant sleep a whole night anymore. Please Help Super Nanny, wherever you are!!!:)

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    If you are comfortable with this idea, you can lock him in the room. OR, you can lock your room. Under no circumstance do you let him come in. This may take a few sleepless nights. But wait it out as long as can and then open your door and quietly put him back in bed and repeat the precess until he gets it.

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    My 4 yr old went through that! Just totally remove the crib and if you have to stay in the room (not his bed) with him than you should do that for a while. I would say don't over do it but be patient and sympathetic and compassionate this is something new and scary for him. Just put yourself in his shoes, he going from a place that surrounded him with safety ( the bars) security, and he's been in it for 2 1/2 years. If you all of a sudden was taken from a safe place and put in a place you've never seen or heard of before and was expected to live normally how easy would that be for you? Just a thought. I also have a 1 yr old who wants to sleep on the floor in the living room than in her crib I tried letting her sleep on the floor in her own room but she doesn't want to, so I have to be as accommodating as possible her father lays on the floor with her until she is asleep for about an hour and then puts her in her crib. I also make a game out of sleeping in her crib but that can only work twice in a week. Well I hope it works out for you.

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    I have a 2 1/2 year old son as well. I converted his crib to a bed over 6 months ago, and well...I am still having troubles with him going to bed in his own room. If I am lucky and he does fall asleep in his own room he is in my bed by the end of the night.

    I envy you that he has been sleeping though the night for the last 2 years. My son has yet to do that...due to a sleeping disorder.

    I can tell you as a mother of a 2 year old and as a child care provider for the past 6 years of 2 year olds to try a few of the following suggestions. Mix and match as you see fit.

    Try eliminating or shortening his nap during the day.

    Don't give him anything with caffeine or sweets after appx. 4p.m. That will just hype him up.

    Try letting him stay up an hour later then his usual bed time.

    Provide a nightlight for him to fall asleep with and maybe even a comfort toy or blanket.

    The main reason he is staying up later or waking up in the middle of the night is because he is either scared and needs to feel comforted or he is curious and thinks he is missing out on something. My guess is it is the first one, he is scared. Most 2 year olds are and most of them grow out of it after a few months.

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    You have to be firm, and persistent with him. And teach him this behaviour is unacceptable. I know it's hard when you are very tired, and sometimes, you might let him get away with more than you would want to. That's normal too. My son, nearly 3 years old now; went through this, and he ended up sleeping with us a total of about 3 nights I think. When, we just were too tired, to fight with him about it. And of course, after the 1st night we let him do this, he was right back in there the very next night. When I said "No, this is not acceptable - go back to your bed" and I got up, put him in his bed. It took a few times waking up that night, but each time, put him back to his bed, and explained that he needed to be in his bed. And some crying, but after the 3rd night or so, it got a lot better. And we haven't had too many problems with it since then. I think he needed reasurance too; that everything would be ok, it took about 5 - 10 minutes each time to get him settled again. Be gentle with him, and consistent.

    I think they are at the age, were they go through some of these phases, and sometimes, they are testing; just, how much they can get away with from mom and dad. If you let him get away with it, he will persist with it. So, even though it means some sleepless nights, putting him back into his bed each time, is the best option. He really should get the hint from there. Otherwise, there might be some other issues going on that might need to be addressed. (Is he eating enough during the day, getting enough exercise, stimulation? etc.) Best of luck to you, I hope you get a good night sleep soon.

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    It wouldn't hurt to put him back in his crib for a few nights and start talking to him about being a big boy and sleeping in a big bed like mommy and daddy. If you haven't gone out and bought a special blanket and pillow, go and do that. Set up a little night table for him and talk to him about how it's like mommy and daddy's. Have him pick out a fun night light. Play him some of his favorite music in his room if he wakes up instead of staying with him or taking him to your room. Make sure you have a predictable routine before bedtime (we brush our teeth, read a story, sing a song, pray, feed the fish, turn on the nightlight and her CD and then she's allowed to look at the book we read together in her bed until she falls asleep. We don't lock her in her room but we put up a baby gate in her doorway. She likes it there now and won't let me take it down. I think it makes her feel secure. Good luck.

  • Can't help you much with this other than to tell you for sure what not to do!!!! I have 2 little ones sleeping in bed with my husband & I and it gets mighty crowded!!! My 3 1/2 year old son had to move into our room due to a dangerous situation with his older brother. My 4 year old daughter started sleeping in our room when she became "afraid". Now they are both sleeping in there every night & everyone is right - it is a VERY hard habit to break. That is my project for the next couple weeks - get them into their own beds!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!

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    Yep they go through a period where they realize that they're finally free to get up and leave their room when they want to.We had to install a baby gate and a radio . The baby gate was installed across the front of the bedroom door & kept jr from wandering around and possibly harming himself .The bedroom door stays open so you can hear him and he knows that you're there if he needs you.The radio helps calm kids down at night. Smooth jazz works best for restless kiddies.Establishing a routine takes time. If you get him used to the routine "Ok daddy's turning on your "go sleepy" music now". "Daddys going to sleep now and you have to go sleep now too." You might want to buy him a table top nightlight so he won't feel so alone in the dark. The gate will help keep him from coming in out of your room .Good luck.

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    I REALLY hope your child is not still on a bottle! I would not lock him in his room under any circumstances. This might exacerbate the problem. At any rate, most importantly you have to be consistent. Maybe have him pick out his own quilt at the store and a brand new pillow? Put him to bed, read a story and leave. If he comes in while you are sleeping, put him back. Let him know that he will not win-he will always end up in his own bed. If he continues crying. let him. Search deep in your soul for some patience cause you will need it! Good Luck!!

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    The problem isn't your son it is you. YOU are the one loosing patience. You have to be patient and consistent, changing from a crib to a bed is a major deal for him, he is a small child YOU are supposed to be an adult. You don't need super nanny you need parenting skills. You have to continue to take him back to bed everytime he gets out of bed...also if he naps during the day you might want to discontinue those naps so he will be tired at bedtime.

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    HAHA! I remember this stage...My baby girl went throught the same thing at that age. Try starting off letting him fall asleep in his crib(if you still have it) and xferring him in his sleep to his bed. When he wakes in the morning, he'll realize he slept in his bed and it wasn't so bad. DO NOT let him sleep in your room...NO MATTER WHAT! It's a hard habit to break out of. Try creating a routine where he knows what comes next every night. Ex: dinner, bath, brush, book read, tuck in...He will protest and still try to come into your room-it won't be easy, but the drama will only last about 1-2 me!

    p.s.-to the sickos who have locked their children in their bedrooms-don't be suprised if your kid grows up with some kind of phobia-like claustrophobia....

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