How long do a person have to wait after losing their home to find another place to move into.?

Is ther a grace period.

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    Could be as little a 15 days but most give 30 days.

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    Depends, you can probably find a place to rent, but once the landlord runs a credit check, you may be required to leave a bigger deposit, pay a month ahead, etc.

    You may have a better chance working with a mom and pop type housing / mobile home rather than a big business.

    Other than that, if you try to BUY a house now, your creditscore will not look too hot. So you could easily be looking at double digit interest on the new home loan.

    You need to get your budget in order, pay bills early / on-time. ANd don't run up any more debt.

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    what do you mean exactly? do you mean you've lost your home by way of foreclosure? eviction? where do you live? an apartment? a house with a mortgage? do you rent? a person doesn't HAVE to wait any period of time before moving somewhere else if they've lost their current home. your question is just kind of confusing. maybe it's the grammar. forgive me if that's the case. i'd just like to help ya.

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    Usually 30 days, longer in some places.. If you lose your home to foreclosure you will get an eviction notice that should say when you are supposed to be out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It depends on what you are talking about.

    If you have a lease, it's after the lease is up.

    If you are month to month, in most cases it's 30 days.

    But in most states you have rights as to how quickly they can kick you out, and most of the time you can find them on line at a government site for your state.

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