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Why our students in USA have to go out to selling stuff for they schools?

Fundraising, Car washing, Selling cookies and other things. Sound like new slavery for our students to get money for their schools!!! Parents and Educaters what do you think?

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    I hate it and refuse to let my daughter do anything to that end. In my opinion, we are not paying taxdollars to teach them to be door to door salespersons. We did some research and found that the school gets about 20 percent of the sales price. We invited our daughter to take ten dollars out of her bank, give two to the school, and put eight dollar bills in an envelope and put it in the mail with no address. She got the idea then. Those schemes are such a rip off.

    And it is to take the kids on field trips like to SeaWorld. In ELEMENTARY school! Jr High here goes to NYC! That is time out from study, in my opinion. Last year, the second graders went on no less than six field trips. Then they have no time for PE except every third day, because they have to cram so much academic hours into the remaining days.

    I suggested just yesterday at the principal's meeting, that parents be asked to donate whatever they can (20 dollars suggested) or the percentage that the school gets of what the child would be expected to "earn". Some schools in our district have elected to go that route, and that would make me happy if ours would.

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    It's the greatest lie ever told to the American people- lower taxes lead to good things. We have heard axiom about how bad for society taxing and spending is. It has become the Conservative mantra The mantra has been drilled into our heads for the past thirty years and now we almost accept it as gospel truth. It's not . Taxing and spending is a far better solution than spending and not taxing. Spending without taxing, while more comfortable in the short term ,must inevitably lead to huge deficits in the long term

    Our politicians lack the courage to be honest and tell Americans what the true cost of necessary services will be.

    Rather they set an artificially low-ball price and then rely on either parents to purchase necessary school supplies and/or have children go out and hustle products door to door to make up for the inevitable deficit that must occur.

    Firemen and police officers also must perform similar acts of salesmanship for similar reasons.

    How insulting . How utterly dishonest. Our leaders show a total lack of faith in the intelligence of the American people when they think that we would rather hear a feel good lie instead of a hard but honest truth.

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    Complaining about fundraisers doesn't change the fact that they are a necessity for our schools to function - not all fundraisers are for expensive trips. Often they are for uniforms, books and other school supplies. Remember, lots of teachers pay for these things out of their own pockets or have fundraisers to help. Until the government provides the appropriate resources for schools to provide the educational tools, supplies, etc. needed to give our children the best environment possible, fundraisers are a NECESSITY.

    The blame game doesn't solve the problem so you have the choice to do nothing about it or try to make best with the situation our schools are in (particularly since the No child left behind act requires them to spend more money in order to get government funding) and help them. You can't count on the government for everything. Doing so only takes power away from yourself.

    Besides, someone once said, "It takes a village to raise a child." I'm happy to see some have a sense of community and tackle these issues head on by empowering themselves to do what they can to help.

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    How the hell is that slavery? That's teaching them the value of a dollar.

    Those kids have fundraisers and whatnot to raise money for THEMSELVES! The money is to pay for the prom or their senior dues. Yes, the school may be getting it in the end but if the kids don't participate in fundraisers, the school still must be paid. The school itself can't afford to give every student a cap+gown, a ticket to wherever the senior trip will be, pay for everyone's room and board at the senior trip, pay for prom decorations, booking a good place for the prom, booking a DJ for the prom, paying for the yearbooks on the good paper, etc.

    Call it what you will but if you don't want your kids working for their own money, go ahead and continue paying for their things out of your pockets.

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    the only problem with our modern gadget is that we've corporatism, no longer capitalism. If the marketplace were somewhat loose, we would each and each be able to start up a company without jumping through a bajillion legal hoops, filling out countless sorts and paying exhorbiant costs. With our modern systemn of corporatism, the wealthy are waiting to talk their wealthy acquaintances (the beaurocrats) into passing guidelines that make it extra problematic for the classic little guy to get into company as a competitor. operating example: the patron Product safe practices Comission is somewhat of law it really is presently contained in the works on a Federal aspect that would disallow any toymaker to promote a toy that has no longer been chemically examined to instruct that there is no longer lead paint or something else risky in it. it really isn't any longer going to interrupt Mattel, because they are huge and don't have an issue meting out the $$$ to have each toy examined. in spite of the indisputable fact that, it really is an issue for the little previous woman on the honest that sells rag dolls this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days... She would nicely be despatched to penal complicated if she fails to have each and each diverse type of rag doll examined for lead paint! similar with the guy who makes play properties for toddlers, and so on... All of those problems with law that are for our safe practices only finally ends up hurting the little guy contained in the top. IIf we were to end corporatism, and allow real capitalism to flourish, i imagine we would see a favorable shift upwards for the classic American perfect off the bat.

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    I know some money is directed to things the school itself can't pay for but as a parent I hate it. The products are cheap and the shiny brochure is expensive and deceiving. The hype the sales rep. gives is unfair. The kids with 25 relatives in the neighborhood might win the prizes but it is cheaper to go buy the prize than to try and hook-up with the people who purchased when they aren't home or you forgot to write in their address.

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    Ooo,scary.I was just talking to my friend about that,tonight.I hate it.I hate what it does to the kids.They become competitive little monsters that will do anything to sell the most(candy bars,at my son's school)whatever,just so they can win cheap plastic crap that falls apart in a week.The parents are even worse a lot of the time.They rush to take it to work so they can sell as much as they can for their child,when it's not supposed to work that way.At least,I don't think so.I think it starts next week,and I don't think I'm going to let my son do it this year.If he does(I happen to love the chocolate)it will be one box,and just because I want some of it.

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    I agree and do not allow my son to go door to door. I support the fundraiser if my family wishes to participate. The problem is that funding is not there for many school's needs. We are left with a system that puts our children out barnstorming support for the schools particular need

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    Gosh, that's a tuffy. Let me think. Could it possibly have a teensy bit to do with the fact that most of our national budget goes to buy guns and tanks and planes and bombs so we can go over to Iraq and Afghanistan and destroy their countries? I bet if each school in the US was given one one-hundredth the cost of one shiny new plane or tank, none of our kiddies would be out in the streets.

    But that's just my two cents (one half cents after taxes)

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    I understand fundraisers for organizations, like FBLA, 4H, and things like that, but my kids school sent one home last year to put a new alarm system in?? WTF?? I know for a fact their budget is increasing almost 5% per year in this particular district, and they tell me they can't afford a new alarm?? As much money is paid in property taxes alone (which 90% of go directly to the school in this state), the school should be able to not only educate the kids, but feed them as well. It's a crock of shiznit if you ask me.

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