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What is my fortune? (Libra)?

Born Sep. 29 1987

10:27 am


What would be a compatible girl for me.

My ex was born in April and we dated for 4 years but....... i couldn't stand her

Us libras must be really nice.

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    YOU WILL WIN 1 no 999 million dollars and get alot of cool shiznit


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    Perfect Partners:

    Gemini, Aquarius

    Nearly Perfect Partners:

    Leo, Sagittarius

    Like Minded Souls:


    Opposites You're Attracted To:

    Taurus, Pisces

    Learn From Your Differences:

    Virgo, Scorpio

    Not Your Destiny:

    Cancer, Capricorn

    Astrological Hell:


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    No, ya'll Libra's THINK way too much! There is no right or wrong sign for each of us, only a way to truly pay attention to the person you are with. You must listen even when she is not saying anything. You must be honest, when it is apparent you'd rather take off to the hottest local spot. Stop whining so damn much and enjoy the one and only life you have!

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    The Aquarias sign is the most romantically and friendly compatible sign for the Libra

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    This site has it all!!!! It won't let me copy.

    And here is another site:


    (born between

    September 23 - October 22)

    ELEMENT: Air

    QUALITY: Cardinal

    DUALITY: Masculine


    SYMBOL: The Scales

    (Symbol's meaning)


    Libra is traditionally known as: diplomatic, active, urbane, romantic, charming, easygoing, sociable, idealistic, optimistic, affectionate, artistic, peaceable, polished, socially inclined, and good at understanding another person's point of view. They are superb listeners and sticklers for fairness.

    On the shadow side: indecisive, changeable, frivolous, gullible, easily influenced, flirtatious, self-indulgent, stubborn, and a narcissist at heart.


    Charm "

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    Before Pluto was declared a dwarf planet, your horoscope was good: Rewarding career, finding the love of your life, great health, unending happiness.

    Since Pluto has been declared a dwarf planet, not so good: Life of poverty, illness, lonliness, and sorrow.


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    heyy! I was born on March 28, 1987!! (Aries)

    at 10:00 am ! yay! lol

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    i think as for Libra, has a very simple life, just like me. very simple. easy going. dun expect there will be excited stuff cos libran cant take it

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    another Libra is fine for you or Gemini

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    lol I was born sept 29th too! though not sure what the fortune is.

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