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Where do you fit in with your family?

I tend to be the family photographer for I snap pictures of all the little boys and girls as they giggle like puppies. ALso, my family like to tease me about my painted toenails and tongue ring so I think I may be their little pampered clown! LOL. What you in your tree of monkey family?

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    I, too, tend to be the family photographer and videographer. I, as well, tend not to be in many photos or video either (as was already mentioned). In my family I am the baby, always have been and always will be. Youngest of 6 kids. In my husband's family we both tend to be the black sheep. Everyone in his family line is successful in one way or another. He is 2nd oldest of 6 kids. At home I am wife, mother, doctor(nurse), teacher, consultant, accountant, housekeeper, councilor, typist, seamstress, chef, waitress, bus person, etc, etc, etc. But I wouldn't have it any other way, well except the black sheep part of course. But they may dish it out, and I give it right back!

  • I am also the family photographer and pierced one. I have 3 kiddos that I have taken many pics of but I never seem to be in the pics. I am the chef of the house and of course MOMMY.

  • Eldude
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    I am too the family photographer and the one everyone seeks for legal questions. Also questions on firearms, Colonial American History, computers, metal machining and bicycles. Yep, I'm a bicycling fanatic.

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    I am the oldest of 6. You could say that I am the second Mother My brothers and sisters all come to me for advice. We are very close. I couldn't live without my sisters.

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    I am the "silly" one

    there is also

    a good one

    a bad one

    a cute one

    a needy one

    the loud one

    and a smart one

  • Anonymous
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    i'm the exceedingly odd one that everyone seems to really like anyway. i think b/c i have spells of productivity and humor that help them realize that a little strangeness isn't a bad thing.

  • I'm the caretaker of the children...My brother was born when I was 14, had children of my own very young, now I'm Granny...

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    I simply don't fit in with my family. Every one is ultra-conservative, so at family reunions, they all just kind of stare at me and talk s*** behind my back.

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    I'm the one thats not in the pictures. Call me the black sheep.

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    Ah, family babysitter ( 10 years later and I still can't kick it!).

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