What’s the MOST Pathetic thing you’ve seen?

If you say you -- that would be too pathetically obvious

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    1 decade ago
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    This one's hard cause most of the pathetic things I've seen were also hillarious, such as drunk guys trying to pick up girls, or the other way around. It's interesting that you said "if you say you...", I don't think I'm pathetic but I do think that when I fail to make a confident choice in life, that could be seen as pathetic.

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    I wouldn't say that it was pathetic but it was touching. Around 10 years back, I was in a hilly town where the monkeys are very common. They use to run here and there to snatch the eatables from the visiting tourists. When they are jumping over head from lamp post to lamp post, one of them fell down with a big thud and died on the spot. I was just passing that side and heard a big thud on my back, turned around and see a monkey was in blood spot. It was really pathetic. The whole gang of the monkeys suddenly protected the dead monkey from all sides and did not allow any human to go nearby. One fat old monkey went near to the dead one and did a thing which I could never ever thought a monkey will do. Believe me! It put his nose near the nose of the dead monkey and checking whether he is really dead. It tried to roll the dead one right and left to make sure that the death is fact. Followed by this, few more monkeys tried to check whether the dead one is breathing or not in the same way. That is really pathetic to watch and still after these many years I could not forget that incident.

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    1 decade ago

    I saw parents bring an infant to a movie in a movie theater. The baby began to cry (for whatever natural baby reason). The father hit him to make him stop crying. Of course he cried more, which angered the father more. This was in Appalachia.

    I also saw a mother hit a baby for crying. She was walking down the street and the baby was strapped in a pram crying, and she smacked it. This was in St. Petersberg, Russia.

    Adults abusing children is the most pathetic thing I've seen because it not only affects the individual child, but the rest of his or her descendants, and the world becomes full of broken individuals who act out in ways that hurt themselves or others.

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    1 decade ago

    Witnessed a really bad accident on the road recently, a possible case of hit & run.

    The victim in question died as a result.

    Needless to say the scene was gruesome.

    The worse? Passersby, motorists stopping to have a look causing a massive jam; not doing anything to alleviate the stituation.

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  • iswd1
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    1 decade ago


    There is no reason for anyone in this world to go hungry. There are so many wealthy people on this planet who do nothing to help those less fortunate. I am not talking about people who choose to go hungry by not helping themselves, but instead those who do not have a choice, such as children, and those living in areas where they have no means of getting food, nor the means to move to a different area.

    A good example, although widely overused, is Africa... for years and years, there have been so many campaigns to get food to these people, yet due to the corruptness of governments and agencies, and war and violence, children are still dying every day from hunger.

    It is 100% pointless and 100% solvable. We just need someone who is willing to step up to the plate and get it done.

    Next time I see some rich old fat lady complain about the quality of food she gets in a restraunt, I'm going to remind her of these people.

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    1 decade ago

    About a year and a half ago, we moved into our current home. My then-youngest child was not quite 2 years old. She's always been the sensitive one in the family with her big, doe eyes and tiny little voice, slight body and wispy white hair. She's just a little doll. Our previous house was the only home she'd ever known. About a week after we'd moved in, she gathered a small collection of items and placed them on the floor by the front door: a picture of her big sister, her favourite stuffed toy, and an empty sippy cup. Then she got her shoes and hat and stood there, sadly, saying, "Home? Home?"

    I never really wanted to move, I loved our old house, and something in the sound of her little voice and the look on her sweet face just broke my heart in two. If it had been within my power, I would not have thought twice about somehow getting our old house back - no matter the cost.

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    That guy in the mirror?

    Seriously: Was in a casino in Vegas and saw a couple, obviously not well off (based on worn, damaged clothing on all of them), with their young (maybe 10) daughter in a wheelchair. They were busy playing a slot machine with the daughter patiently waiting behind for them to finish.

  • 1 decade ago

    I do not like to see young women get physically and emotionally abused over and over again by their boyfriends or lovers,then after tremendous trials and constant chaos[ and with the help of friends and family] they finally find the strength to break up and move on! THEN after several months they hookup with someone else who ends up having exactly the same abusive traits as the others before!!!It seems endless and it is PATHETIC.I see this happening all the time!!!!

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    when i used to go this one way to work there would be this guy on the corner begging & he had no legs - just an upper body & i would always wonder about him & worry about how he was going to get around. i can still picture him in my mind. I wish I could have done something for him. I hope he's ok.

  • 1 decade ago

    A guy in an SUV stalling traffic by talking on his cell phone through a green light.

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