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what are words that you can use instead of friend? like pal and stuff?

list some please

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    associate, partner.

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    Another Word For Pals

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    1 associate, buddy, chum, colleague, companion, comrade, crony, familiar, fellow, intimate, lover, mate, pal, peer, sidekick

    2 amigo, associate, buddy, chum, colleague, companion, comrade, confidant, crony, fellow, pal, peer,sidekick

    3 angel, backer, benefactor, patron, sponsor, supporter

    4 acquaintance, associate, neighbour

    Those are from dictionary. I'll add another word ally = p

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    well my friend never ever called me friend, she always called me "buddy" so buddy is a good word for friend or pal

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  • acquaintance, ally, alter ego, amigo, associate, bedfellow, blocker, boon companion, bosom buddy, brother, buddy, chum, classmate, cohort, colleague, companion, compatriot, comrade, confrere, consort, countryman, cousin, crony, familiar, fellow, intimate, kissing cousin, little brother, main man, main squeeze, mate, other self, pal, partner, playmate, roommate, schoolmate, sidekick, sister, soul mate, spare, well-wisher,Homey

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    buds,girlfriends,pals,sisters,best buds,etc,home girl,homeboy,mate(Australia)

    partner,confidant,soul mate,soul sister,

    that's all i can think of at the moment hope that helps the paper

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    crony,buddy,chum , mate (that is the British term) associate,bud and comrade.

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    acquaintance, brother from another mother, comrade, partner in crime, Pancho and Lefty, homie, the list can go on and on....

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    bud ,pieson, pookie Buddie

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    chum, chump, tool, but never buddy, buddys sleep together.

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