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help if u know about classical republican?

how is classical republican philosophy relevant today?

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    I can't help you on a issue about classical republican philosophy,but I know one thing I feel that we are living in a world of HELL because of George Bush poor judgment at the White House.

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    Is there a classical republican philosophy?

    Abe Lincoln was the first Republican President. He believed in equality, and civil rights.

    George Bush is the last Republican President. He believes in indefinate imprisonment for dissonents, and eavesdropping on Americans in spite of the first Amendment.

    Republican Philosophy today means wiping the president's butt on the Constitution.

    The US was never before recognized as an agent of torture -- until the Bush administration. The US once had a morale highground, but has lost it to torture, inhumane treatment, and unwarranted hostiltty.

    I think Abe Lincoln is rolling in his grave.

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    In their interpretation of the classical republicanism tradition, civic republicans are often in debate with civic humanists, with whom they are often confused (see the entry on civic humanism). Developed as a contemporary political doctrine, civic republicanism is broadly speaking progressive and liberal, but not without important distinct features. Some of its policy implications diverge from mainstream liberalism in particular ways, and for this reason civic republicans are sometimes also confused with communitarians (see the entry on communitarianism). For the strengths or weakness of civic republicanism to be fairly assessed, both confusions should be assiduously avoided

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    A classical republican today would be a new democrat.

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