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what are the best ingredients for a homemade protein shake?

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    I use yogurt, a banana, some wheat germ and a little soy powder (aka soy flour). Once you get used to it, you can increase the soy, but take it easy at first, as it can be gassy if you're not used to it. You could use silken tofu instead of soy powder. Then I sometimes add frozen strawberries or fresh fruit in season. The amounts are never the same two times in a row! The banana adds smoothness, and the yogurt makes it zesty, so I always include those two items. If you like the taste of nutritional yeast (NOT baking yeast, which should never be eaten raw), that is a good addition from a protein standpoint, but I don't like the taste. Raw eggs are not safe to use - they sometimes carry salmonella.

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    peanut butter and banana

    P.S. LOVE the name!!! But I know Vincent Valentine and you sir are no Vincent Valentine :) But excellent name!

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    make a egg nog.....and if ya want more protein ..grind up anykid of nuts.....nuts are high on protein....

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    raw eggs,rocky style,no beer.

  • 1 decade ago

    banana, ice

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