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best brand for dry and colored hair?

I have thick and very dry hair.It gets frizzyy and puffs up. Also I am losing some. I got to color, to cover grays. Any idea what to do or what to use?

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    I hear that "Get hairapy" stuff works. Every time I try to think of the stuffs NAME, I blank, but I remember the tagline. *rolls eyes at self* It's the one with the commercial where a voice over is assigning colored dots (yellow, blue, purple, etc) to women on the street. I think it Soft Silk or... Soft something? I dont know, sorry.

    But a friend has been using it because she has unruly, wavy hair that puffs up all over the place and, for the first time in years, her hair laid down in nice waves without professional assistance. They have shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, wavy hair, curly hair, flat hair, etc. I'll add more if I remember the brand name.

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    KMS has a new colour range and it's pretty hard to beat. Regular leave in treatments (twice weekly) are essential, even if just Andrew Collenge. Use a Goldwell Vivcap leave in treatment to restore immediately, it renews the protein and hair is different instantly, buy from hairdresser. I had the same problem and can guarantee your hair dye has a high peroxide level, which is killing your hair. Switch from supermarket brand to hairdresser's brand. Try Trade Secrets, from chemist, priceline or hairdresser. You have to buy a developer and a colour, and follow instructions. It is a tad messier, buy a sauce bottle to apply and gloves, but your hair will be back to normal once you get off the commercial brands. Worse comes to worse, a hairdresser has the best products and will fix it up.

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    i have very thick curly hair, and a lot of it. and it too frizzes up at even the slightest humidity. and i found that Pantene ProV for colored women is the best kind of shampoo and conditioner for this. the conditioner is absolutely the best and when you use it in conjunction with the shampoo it just works that much better. its in a brown bottle, but be careful because there's one thats for colored brunette hair. you want to get the one that says for colored Women. trust me you'll love it, it leaves your hair soft and tamed! otherwise we're walking around looking like lions or brillo pads.

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    i LOVE aveda color concious shampoo. i havnt triedthe conditioner yet, but my hair is also curly.wavy, thick and coarse. i swear the shampoo alone (with paul mitchell super skinny conitioner and serum [i also blow dry it straight] ) makes my wiry hair feel so strong, smooth and silky. i cant even imagine what it would be like with the conditioner too. its not cheap, shampoo was 13 bucks alone, but try it, go to an aveda store in the mall and pick up some little trial sizes.

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    I have the same issues, and have found Pantene Restoratives, Time Renewal (green label) shampoo and conditioner to be excellent. It makes my hair soft and shiny and manageable. I do not like the more intense "mask" in this same series, though, it makes my hair feel like I put paraffin wax on it.

    Good luck.

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    the brand Matrix is amazing for dry/colored hair. They only sell them at the salons for about $20/bottle.

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    Citra Shine spray. Dry hair and then lightly coat with Citra Shine and use hands to smooth over your hair. Works like a charm and adds a beautiful shine.

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    i for my area color my hair whilst that's dry; inspite of the incontrovertible fact that i might save on with the recommended classes on account that some formula are distinctive and require moist hair to be thoroughly valuable.

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    try the new sunsilk brand they have a different shampoo an conditioner as all shampoos do for different hair but the one i buy is for hair that gets poofy as it dries its in the blue bottle and it smells great an my hair has never been softer and it really does make it less poofy!!

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    try matrix hydrating shampoo/with matrix biolage hydrating conditioning balm. then twice a week use the biolage conditioning hair mask on freshly shampooed hair place a plastic shower cap and leave on for at least 30minutes you will see results!

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