Regarding the first Sin, soft hearted very religious X'ans, do not feel offended. Not a Q. 4U?

and the thoughtful listen, Can there be such a possibility that the Jesus wanted to eradicate the feeling of deep rooted Guilty Concsiousness of First Sin, the General Public had at that time, may be because of Old Testament? Can it be He wanted at least to make the General Public free of that Guilty Consciousness with His Life and wanted them to move forward the path that they are verily Divine.

Can this be true that the Satan and Antichrist interfered immediately after the Christ is gone and re - established that feeling of Guilty Consciousness among the majority of the Public for them to rule freely. Remember the physiological urge is very strong with common people and so they are permanently deluded to believe that they are Guilty. Once that feeling is established, the Divinity Within automatically gets covered, because, he starts thinking, oh! i am a sinner ( remember the undertone, the sinner is with Satan), Is this a Grand Design of Antichrist ? With whom is the Majority ?

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    I see from the other answers to your question that I am late in responding!

    It is not often that us X'ans get to talk with the inmates. Ziggymund Freud would be proud of you. If you were ever to commit murder this question, and our responses, could be used to win your acquittal on the grounds of inability to distinguish right from wrong. If you are taking any courses in criminal law don't fail to take this question to class.

    For the record, Jesus came looking for the lost. Lost is way past guilty. The problem now is that people feel no guilt or do not know when to feel guilty.

    Your question is a case in point in that it is nothing but an esoteric excuse. Oh, are your "physiological urges" weak or just above those of the common people? If guilt were associated with sex I would venture to say there would be less than 6.5 billion people on the planet. (Times one orgasm per day, times 365 days per year, times X number of years = where all the guilt is coming from? - give us a break).

    In simple terms your question is: "The Devil made us do it?"

    Sound familiar? The answer is: No. You did it yourself."

    The law, which produces guilt, is only a guide to your condition. The law came from God not demons. It is demonic spirits that tell you you shouldn't have to live with it.

    Evil is nothing but something good which has been perverted. The final perversion is to make evil appear good. Sex is not sin. People misuse sex because they are sinners, just as Eve was misused (seduced) in the garden.

    Sin is not taking God at His Word. Just as Eve didn't believe that death could result from her action. Guilt comes first from unbelief then sorrow and trouble from disobedience. Guilt is the result of falling short of God's Word. Disobedience is the result of sin. You have the two confused as do many.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    nicely, actually, hating gay human beings is nice with the God of the Bible. The Bible exhibits killing all gay human beings. it really is ridiculous. i idea God changed into meant to be merciful and hostile to killing. WTH? A Bible follower, or a"real" Christian, will be a hateful being. It makes me ask your self WHY Christians are portrayed as moral. in spite of the indisputable fact that, I imagine maximum Christians do not take the Bible actually. in the experience that they did, that they had be arrested for homicide and all that. i imagine there are 2 techniques to interpret the Bible. actually, and flow round killing homosexuals, believing in a domineering, narcissistic God, because the Bible seems to point (yet one way or the different, he remains extra ideal than human beings?) . or you could take it figuratively. Take it really is message of goodwill and understanding and mercy, and position self belief in a perfect, pleasant God. (or you could interpret it as no longer real, yet it really isn't any longer proper.) those who flow round telling human beings the thanks to stay their lives and they're going to hell are the former. they are those who imagine they are sinless. those who're taught that all sins and persons are equivalent are the latter.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh my, your quest for the ultimate truth is astounding. Your theories have catapulted you to a level of genius. NOT!

  • 1 decade ago

    Doesn't fly with me, buddy.

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    Much like everything else, it is possible and likely..

    Much like everything else, it is subjective..


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    ***** you crazy. lay off the blow.

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