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Can African-Americans use Gardier Fructis?

one of my white friends said no it's only for fine hair types

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    You CAN use it, but why should you? As you know, there are a wealth of products made specifically for our hair which is the exact opposite of white people's hair. We need to use products that meet our hair's specific needs.

    My daughter is biracial (black and white), and she has fine-textured yet spiral curled and dry hair. She can definitely use it because it strengthens the weakness of her hair shaft. If I chose to put some on, it wouldn't harm it -- it just wouldn't help it, either!

    Use products that will help YOUR hair like "Mizani" or similar products.

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    I've been using it for a while now and I like it (I'm Afr. American). I believe it has good agents in it to make it worth trying. I certainly doubt it would harm your hair if you're worried. You should still moisturize afterward; but personally, I change up my shampoos every now and then.

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    ♥♪♦♫ She is not your friend because shampoo is made for everyone and they just don't make things for black or white people any more, I use that shampoo and it makes my hair soft and it smells good too. Please find a new friend but before you do just nicely tell her that their is no black or white shampoo because if she is saying that to you then she might make the same mistake and say that to someone else. I hope that I have helped you. ♥♪♦♫

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    yes every types of religion can use gf becasue it does not say on the bottle only for fine hair

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    Yes they can. You just have to find the product that matches your hair type (Dry, extra dry etc) with the look you are going (straight, curly etc.) for.

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    nicely i've got used it earlier and it smelled stunning notwithstanding it extremely did not something to my hair yet make it scent stable yet attempt something like Pantene professional-V for females human beings of colour or dark and delightful 3-n-one million shampoo. i take advantage of Mane -n- Tail that's used on horses and "African American" hair and it makes your hair silky and eye-catching. i be attentive to it sounds bizarre to apply horse shampoo on human beings notwithstanding it works, besides in case you ought to apply it to horses why do not they sell it in puppy shops?!?!?!? yet you will locate it at Sally's attractiveness grant or perhaps relatives dollar or i think of they sell it at objective and Wal-Mart. It sells for style of four to 6 funds counting on the dimensions you like

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    i used the conditioner for permed and color hair and it protect my hair from damage and im black plus they got a black girl in da commercial lol dats a sign

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    Yes you can. I use it then again I am very mixed. I'm talking latinamerican mixed. She's a *****.

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    your white friends are full of it

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