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Fries in restaurants and buffets, should they ban?

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    Absolutely. We need well-armed food police at every buffet, mowing down would-be french-fry eaters with automatic weapon fire. Then, they can storm our homes at night to see what we're hiding in our fridges and freezers, and execute us in our own front yards to teach our neighbors a lesson. In time, they will build a massive bureaucracy that issues federal guidelines as to precisely what we can and cannot eat. The documentation will grow to excede even the IRS tax code, 20,000 pages and counting. We can all be subject to diet audits!

    I can't wait.

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    I'm confused. They'll ban a food that makes you fat, but they won't completely ban cigarettes that give you cancer, emphazyma and a whole other host of issues. I think fries are the least of society's problems, besides the fact I like them so much.

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    I work in a restraunt and the fries are delicious. Fries in restaurants are better than fast food in most cases. So no they shouldn't.

  • No they shouldn't ban fries in restaurants or buffets

    it's the most popular food in the world.

    they shouldn't give it up because sales are going



    they are so good, so no they SHOULDN'T BAN


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  • No way! It would only be a matter of time before more important civil liberties are banned.

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    and they should make you clean your plate

    and not let you leave until you eat your brussel sprouts

    and also, they should spank your hand if you put your elbows on the table

    sure, great idea to have resturaunts try to be responsible for their diner's health choices


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    go away!

    If they ban fries they had damn sure ban bagged spinach

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    no way fries are so good

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes! They need to be stopped!

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    no,they should ban hydrogenated oil!

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