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Does anyone actually recover from anxiety?

I've suffered from Anxiety for most of my 20's, going on 8 years now since my first anxiety attack. Now I am to a point where I worry about anything and everything, I wonder what the purpose of life is, I obsess about sex being bad, I feel guilty for looking at women and desiring them, I worry about getting old and how I will feel when I am older, I wonder what the purpose of life is, how I would feel if I had kids down the road and had a girl that grew up to become a women and she would have sex, I worry about anxiety and everything. I feel I've tried everything, I workout all the time, I eat right, I try to sleep 8 hours a day, medication I just can't get over these fears and my mind never stops racing....what can I do that I haven't tried yet? I am in my 30's now and I don't want to waiste my 30's as I did my 20's. Any advise?

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    Push and push your GP for help. I am getting it now through cognative behavioural therapy after suffering to the point of almost losing my job and home. It is possible to get better but it requires work on your part to accept that many of your anxieties are created by your own thought processes and you need to re-learn them. Once you have been in an anxious state for a period of time your sub-concious mind learns that this is the norm and leaves you there all the time even when you have nothing to feel anxious about. When something trivial comes along you over-react wildly because you are already in a state of hightened anxiety and on it goes. Push for help for a counsellor through your GP it really does help but it is not a quick fix. Good Luck

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    I had it for over 20 years. I was on alot of medication. I see a therapist. Once I started to get off the meds, I have learned how to deal with the stressers so much better! I am being weened off the last med and I am feeling great!! I haven't had an attack for over 5 moths. You can get over this and you will have bad days, but the bad days are so much easier to get through. I have a great life now and I can breath easier!

    Stick with therapy and be honest. You are not the only person who has this. Just work hard at working through your problems and don't ever give up hope!

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    You say you were on medication, but I'll bet you've never had the right dose. Also, you haven't said whether you were really diagnosed with anxiety or whether you're just using the term conveniently.

    I think it's great that you're asking the question, and I appreciate your desire to make your 30s better than your 20s. I suggest getting new medical and psychological advice.

    You might also look into Buddhism or something very different from your upbringing. You never know what will help.

    Good luck!

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    Yeah, that's a natural reaction. It is no different than with alcoholism or drug abuse. People sit around expecting you to relapse, but that does not mean you will. Everyone has bad days. Just keep an eye on it, communicate with your doctor and those around you to monitor your progress, and get in to see the doc if things seem like they are continually getting worse. Otherwise, get some exercise and keep busy and see if you can get out of it. It may turn out that it was nothing. Even the best of us can have a really depressing day! If you do slide back, know that it is temporary. Get some help, and start climbing back to the top again. That's life. Good luck!

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    Cognitive and behavioral therapy on a consistent basis will probably help you tremendously. There is no "magic pill" that works without being in tandem with therapy. There is a consistent theme throughout your concerns: they mostly have a sexual nature. A good therapist can get to the root of your anxiety, usually imbedded in your upbringing, unless you have had a traumatic event in your life. Anxiety is a very real, treatable medical problem. I hope you seek and find a therapist who can help you get to the root of your issues. Consistency is the key, don't expect miracles in just four sessions. It will take time, but it is well worth it in the end. Medication in conjunction with therapy is the best route to recovery. Good luck!

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    i have an anxiety disorder as well. mine came from a traumatic violent realationship i went through after losing my virginity to this guy. i was afraid of sex and lost my ability to trust others. the way i got through it involved getting away from what bothered me. i still suffer attacks to this day. but ask yourself something- are my symptoms summing up to an anxiety disorder or am i schizophrenic? have you been diagnosed? have you considered treatment for it and do you think you need to. theres a line between worrying about everyday life and anxiety, and theres also a line between anxiety and schizophrenia. look into it. you also may just have control issues- i dont know. you cant control everything- you just have to deal. good luck

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    You have a chemical imbalance in your brain.(Diabetes is another example of a chemical imbalance).

    You need to talk to a psychiatrist, who can help you work your way through each component of your anxiety. Anti-anxiety medication will probably be part of the treatment.

    You already have a good head start with your diet, exercize, and sleep habits. Good luck on your journey the rest of the way. You can do it!!

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    Yes all my patients who have only anxiety problems are 100% fine and living a quality life without ever being put on medications.

    Provided that their only problem is anxiety and they are not "SMI", (Serious Mental illness). In these situations they usually will be in a mental hospital for 72 hours observations and during that time I will give them a complete psychiatric/medical evaluation to determine their DX, and the correct drugs and mg's. to stabilize them so they can live a quality life.

    My professional advise to you is to find a clinical psyciatrist who will not pull out his/her RX pad and write you a prescription for durgs as they only mask the root cause of your problems.

    Not one of any patient I have seen that had anxiety was ever put on any anti-anxiety drug as this will only mask the root cause of your problem.

    You take the drugs and feel fine, but you are still living with the root cause of the anxiety.

    Every psychiatrist will not be like me and give you two to three hours on your first visit to find out the root cause of your problem. And when you return for your second one on one we will disucss what I perceive to be the root cause an if you concur we will continue to have one on one to find alternative solutions that you will pick that will resolve the root cause of your anxiety.

    Ofcourse I will be there for you to tell you when you make the choice what the light at the end of the tunnel will be if you make the wrong choice.

    I know it is not easy to find a psychiatrist will be listen to you and care about you as a person. (Most of my peers prefer to just give you the drugs, because you will be hooked and will have to continue coming back, and they make money).

    Good psychiarist are out there, just take the time to look and find one who is comfortable with you and you are comfortable with him/her.

    I have complete confidence that when you find the right psychiatrist you will live a quality life.

    Excuse my english, my primary language is French.

    Clinical Psychiarist, France

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    it also might tie into perfectionism.i,too,have anxiety and a bit of a perfectionist mentality.i find it exhausting.if it's not one thing,it's another and the vicious cycle seems endless.try searching for a quiet and serene place,such as a garden or just a peaceful spot in your home to relax and meditate.getting in touch with your spirituality least,for me it does:)

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    i went through 5 yrs. of what you are talking about, including attempts at suicide, if it were not for christian friends ,the bible, and god and knowing jesus christ as my own personal savior i would not have made it. one day as i was going through one of my attacks i was crying and i told the lord that i loved him and faster than you could snap your fingers he reached down in a still soft voice and said that he could not use me the way i was and i went from tears of crying and suffering to tears of joy and i was healed. i was on a sucidide watch and seeing a dr.

    Source(s): experience... some of what you experience are common that we all go through growing old sex is not bad as it was god's idea not yours check the bible book of genisis sorry not enough space
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