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do plane ticket prices from usa to southeast asia go up in price in january or february?

i want to go to indonesia in january or february. honolulu to bali. about how much are tickets?

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    Well, it's a high season for travel, so the price will be more expensive than if you travel in summer.

    I checked on Orbitz, it's around $1700 if you're leaving early January, It's $1200 if you're leabign late January and come back mid-february.

    As far as I know, the price starts to decline in late january/early february. Chinese New Year (feb 17/18) is definetely in low season cos my friend just booked her ticket to go back to Indonesia from LA during that time and she got it for less than $1000 at travel agent.

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    No, January and February is low season, meaning price is low. They use to have a direct flightt from Honolulu to Jakarta and Bali but I don't they have a direct fligh now. Garuda is Indonesia's flag carrier but they don't have any direct flights from Hawaii. You should try using Korean Air or Singapore Air and go one stop. Online agencies won't have any cheap fares so contact your local travel agents (Asian agencies). They often offer group discounted ticket for individuals.

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    not sure, but here in Indonesia, tickets to other countries are more expensive in June and July, December to January and Muslim`s holiday.

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    Cheapest flights in March (I work here)

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