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Guys need help with the Protien powder!?

I bought a protien powder called Weight gainer 2200 gold... its cool and all but i dont know how much to put in the water and mix it. it says that Mix 3 rounded Scoops to 24.fl.oz of water and blend... what the F is 3 rounded scoops and 24.fl.oz... :)

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    mix it with milk, and mix it till it tastes pleasant.

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    24 oz of gatorade is a little bit less than one of those short fat bottles of gatorade. 3 rounded scoops means that theres a scoop included in the container (somewhere, you'll probably have to dig around for it), and you need to put 3 scoops in. screw the rounded part, they just put that there to confuse you. i'm taking creatine and they say rounded scoops too. my scoops are flat and it works just fine lol

  • Anonymous
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    it should come with a "scoop" inside the container, use three "scoops" and mix it w/ 3 cups (24 oz.)

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