callin all ladies for some dating advic?

just recently, i noticed a girl. she looked cute.she is a bookworm. she has a good personality and thats why i like her. we hung out but it was boring. she and i have nothing in common in that she like the things that i don't. i like her because she's cofident in the way she looks and how she acts. should i give it another go and whut shoulde we do. when should i tell her that i like her and want her to be mai gf. this is not a crush so don't think of it this way. by doing whut things should i do to make her like me back. i need help and fast. should i go after her now before its too late, and if i do whut should i say, i'm shy. plus she goes to another school so i gotta do this fast . i used to like another girl and that girl liked me back but when i was about to tell her , it was too late, she states that she is taken so i don't want this one togo like this one, anyways this girll ( the one i'm having a problem with) is wayy better than the girl i used to like so plzz help mee

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    opposites attract nd also it's the little things that count. my bf nd i hav nothng big in common but it's the stupid stuff like favorite cookies nd movies that really bring u together. also try reading some of the books she reads. she'll def appreciate it 100%

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    Hi, having different likes should not be and issue. Think of it as a learning experience, if you guys get together you can expose each other to different things. Yes you should give it a go! When you talk to her, make sure you tell her you are attracted to her confidence and you think you should go on a date and see where it takes you. Tell her you would like to learn about her and her interests and share yours. Remember that you don't have to spend all you time together, make room for you each to do your own things. Good luck, if you treat a girl with respect, caring and maybe eventually LOVE, you are on the right track.

  • great girl, bookworm, wonderful personality......thats great that you are one of the few males out there who really truly look for thoses things.........hun you don't say much about yourself though.......find out what kind of things she is interested in.....ask her to pick a place to hang out at or visit that you have never been to before......let her be your thinking of the lion king anyway.....shy is cute to use to your advantage but at the same time grow a set and ask her out on another date....let her pick the place and be sure to tell her you want her to show you her interests.....that way you can get to know her better and then you can truly see if you have anything in common or not...never know she might like some things that you have always wanted to discover or whatever.....go ahead let her know that you are a little weary about asking her out because you fear you have nothing in common.....write her a letter and say it all in your words...also include the asking her out on a date part and throw in a sweet short poem about your favorite things about a bookworm and a sucker for a sweet, sappy poem......well good luck sweet heart and hope i could help!

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    Go out with her, usually people don't have nothing to talk about on first dates becasue they are nervous, I'msure you have thingsin common you don't knowabout yet. Give it a try!

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    u'll never know if she likes u unless u ask her

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    opposites really do attract ....go to her now go go go!!!

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