My childs father is Muslim,Should I let her follow even though we're not married??

my daughters father is muslim and were going through our ups and downs right now and unsure of what were gonna do.But she has taken his last name and he's muslim.I have a son and we werent raised in there religion.I want my family to walk the same path.What do I do.He wants her to.His family wants us to get married and its been a consideration of ours but theres too much going on and too much has happened,so were sorting that out.But if we dont what do I do.

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    don't give up, keep trying to sort out the issues. As a Muslim I would of course recommend to let them become muslims, but practically, discuss this with him and decide together, peace to you all

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    Sorry I should give you and your husband an advice.Please get married as soon as possible because live together without get married is a great sin.In Islamic teaching fornification or adultery is very hated by Allah the only one God.You as his wife I think it is better if you have a same religion with your husband.Please study carefully Islamic teaching holy Qur'an and hadith ,I convince finally you will choose the best religion.If you are both become a good followers of Islam,your children are automatically will be a good follower of Islam too.Islam is a peaceful,practical,

    logical and a simple religion.I hope you both will have a long lasting happy family who love and help each other in your ups and downs of your life.You must make a certain life by making a legal and formal marriage...A legal marriage will give you a firm position.I hope God will always bless you all.

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    This one really hits home for me. My father is Muslim, but my mother was raised catholic (doesn't really practice anymore) when i was younger I would go to mosques with my father, and generally absorbed some of the religion. As I got older I realized that I should determine my spirituality for myself. I am now agnostic, but belong to a Unitarian Universalist church. I think that it would be best to let your daughter and son find their own path in the spiritual world. I recommend any UU church as a great place to raise a child, they will gain a sense of support in the community, as well as be given an introduction to many types of beliefs,cultures,and religions, with no pressure.

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    Wow! Sounds like you're all screwed up. I guess the best answer is that if she is living with you she should be brought up the way you believe and if she lives with him she should be brought up the way he believes. If he wants her to grow up Muslim but she does not live with him I would suggest moving away to another state and don't tell him where you live. But that wouldn't work if he is supporting her financially. If not, then get the flock out of there.

    Did you ever see the movie, Not Without My Child? You should watch it.

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    The child should follow the most religious parent. The one that goes to mass and prays more often. If one of you is more laid back, it won't hurt as much as the other parent to let the kid go the other way

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    what does your daughter want to do?? what do you want to do?? you need to take some time and really think about what is best for all..and think without the family pushing you their way... ask them all to step back some and let you think...maybe talk to counselor or something to get an unbiased opinion..i wish you all the best of luck and i hope you find your path and your daughter also

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    Let your daughter do as she wishes. Love your daughter as a human being.

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