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job applications?

there is a new kaiser permanente in irvine california and my friend was wondering where can he get a job application to be a houskeeping

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    u can either go to or place an add in local newspaper that ur looking for a housekeeping job

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    Tell your friend to go to the Human Resources office at the hospital, and he could fill out an application there, or s/he can check out the website for Kaiser Permanente. Tell your friend that when filling out a job application, to have all necessary information handy, like complete names, addresses, phone numbers and job titles of previous employers and references. Don't give out personal information on references; if asked for a phone number, give the job number.

    When asked for special skills, have a list of hard skills and soft skills. What that means is, a hard skill is something you have learned, like typing, filing, computer skills, etc. A soft skill is something that is part of your personality, like your honesty, loyalty, whether you're pleasant to be around, helpful, etc.

    You should also tell your friend to set up a "commercial" about his/her job history. This commercial is a short vocalization of what he or she has done since the beginning of the job history. It should last no more than 30 seconds, but should be followed up with the hard skills and soft skills when any follow-up questions come up.

    Have all that information on index cards and carry them with him/her. Good luck.

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    I work for Kaiser Sacramento and the website is: Most people applying for Environmental Services apply in person, but the website should work. Hope you get it. Good company to work for.

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    Call their H.R. Human resources ... inquire about the new openings .. and speak directly with HR . find the HR rep who speaks Spanish.. and define your interest in the position .. should be hired within the month.

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    Here's the website to check out what they have available:

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    Call their personnel department!

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    you can try checking out their website.

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