I have recently met a female computer repair tech, like me, how can we team up to make something happen?

Hello, I am a freelance computer tech, lately I have been puting out signs advertising in the phonebook, and puting out flyers. Recently I met a female computer tech that works at comp usa, she seems very ambitious about teaming up with me to make something happen with our business. Do any of you have any ideas of how this would work? Or are we just competitors, never to be anymore than that? I have never actually met her in person, just spoken over the phone. Am I just pursuing ulterior motives, such as some fantasy of a relationship with this girl, or something huge happening?

Some pluses are she DOES speak spanish, which I do not. This could bring more potential customers. She also is A+ certified. So what would you do in my situation? We do not want to open a store or anything like that, just team up doing in-home repairs. A great idea would really help! ;)

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    Do it give her your laptop and pendrive too she can use them while she is out on a job that you could have been paid for while she is supplimenting her income from comp usa with the jobs that you would have done you can stay home and fantasize about how good it is working with her and what a boon it is that she speaks spanish when your rent is due and the owners are starting eviction papers give her a call you can reach her on the sunny shores of hawaii where she will be vacationing

    and then after everything falls apart please give your customers my yahoo id as im a computer tech as well and i will service them okay? it would be the best thing to do thanks for your consideration

    p.s. my girl is cuban she can write some ads for me in spanish

    Otherwise do as they say above show up as a customer at comp usa with some line like your switching your little floppy to a BIG hard drive act like your computer illiterate tell her your friend (me) said that you Could make the hard drive even bigger by stroking the modem ask her if that is true then pull out a datalink cable and tell her you want to link up with her and transfer some serious data!

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    well, i would say start first by doing what you were going to do before you wanted to team up with her. Sometimes when people meet you they say they have this great idea to do this and that but when it all comes down to push and pull nothing happens. So you can do it all by yourself if you have to. You can get some people who would want to help you for free. hey who know maybe you can add in something when the business really picks up. I know this guy right now he is doing some of the same work that you do but in his home. He teach other people how to do what he do and they go out to different place churches etc and make their money. so good luck

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    I would go meet her in person. I wouldn't even tell her that you are the guy that she was talking to over the phone. If you are having a fantasy about this woman, make sure you find out what she looks like. She could sound REALLY GOOD over the phone but when you meet her she might turn out to be something else. She very well might be something other than what you were expecting. Its very unlikely that you would ever meet a techie chick that is also hot.

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    totally agree with Joe. Scope it out first. Then eventually maybe you all could meet and talk about your plans and assuming that things go well in person, maybe put an ad in the paper and start off small. I dont see any reason why you two would only be competitors.

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    go meet her in person, you could form a partnership if she works out. No overhead as independent consultants. I did this with my husband before we started our venture now. If you need any help let me know. I know all of the legalities!!

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