13 years ago I saw special show about some fairy tales included was Rumpelstiltskin, anyone else see this? Thx

For 13 years it's been like a mystery to me. I know I saw this show or episodes or whatever it was, but no one seems to know what I'm talking about. I was probably 12, couldn't sleep and turned on one of the kids channels and they had on this show about different fairy tale stories. Today at work, I learned that one of the shows I saw that night is called Rumpelstiltskin, I only know because I remember the straw turning into gold and the dwarf or gnome asking the girl to tell him his name or something like that. If anyone remembers please let me know. It sounds stupid but I am so curious....

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    I'll bet that was Faerie Tale Theatre, which was an excellent series directed (I think) and produced or co-produced by the actress Shelley DuVall, who also acted in some of the shows. In case you don't remember who she is, she played Olive Oyl in the movie Popeye, where Robin Willams was Popeye; and she played the mother & wife in that movie, The Shining, the one based on a Stephen King novel -the one where Jack Nicholson goes crazy in a big old haunted hotel in the mountains. She was also in the Monty Python movie, The Time Bandits. Her Faerie Theatre had lots of famous actors as guest stars and was always of outstanding quality. Could that be the one you were thinking of? See the links below for more info.

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    I was guessing that it came from The Learning Channel but since you said it was a kid's channel, I don't know. I remember seeing something like that.

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    remember what channel?

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