what has happened to American people?!?

remember back when everyone used to realize that people are dying for the civilians rights to make fun of/discriminate the motives of the people that died? your all american soldier. he lives to die for your freedoms, so that you can have the right to be anti-military.

also, what about the people that make fun of and disrespect the president? is there no loyalty anymore?

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    I think that people, in general, do not respect others as they once did. A lot of society doesn't realize that there is a fine line between disagreeing and disrespecting.

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    Loyalty to being pro-military does not allow for the right to be anti-military. So either we are free or not. Trying to stifle dissent means we are not free.

    You have to choose. Historically Americans have chosen freedom over censorship and repression.

    Our freedoms were not all won by "the soldier" at all. You are simply wrong about that. Freedom of Speech was won by what many would call "stinking hippies" ya know. They made controversial statements including flag-burning actually to make Supreme Court cases to actualize the statements in the Constitution to allow freedom of speech.. Look it up.

    To say the military is protecting our freedom in Iraq is dubius. Really, the military is being used due to the power consolidation that happened in the US. Power is so acutely focussed in the hands of very few that they knew they had unbridaled force to go after anyone anywhere with the fall of the USSR. SO, they went to task. Sept. 11th gave a great oportunity to carry out these long standing corporate plans and they seized upon that.

    The reconfiguration of the Middle East has far more to do with geo-political structure so that the funny money keeps flowing into this same elite's hands. The US citiznes are often at the brunt of this sword also, rolling back hard won freedoms, they tried to take away Social Security for Gods sake, welfare reform is a dirty word, people fought hard for that because child labor and absolute repression was the way before such programs existed, before the New Deal. The Depression showed how much these elite cared for the country, nada...

    These same types sent the military to Iraq to keep the oil market steady, to rid the US Governement of a former client that went mad with the power we gave him and to (they hoped) stifle the uprisings in many Middle East countries like Iran, which was an Islamic Revolution. They dispise that because it is a force that could take hold and could act as the former USSR did, to deter thier activities.

    SO, ya know... don't be fooled. This thing, these lives, should be more serious to you. It is beyond the time for blind flag-waving and nationalism. The elite are global and have very little allegience to the US. Those people are who control many aspects of our lives. We need to hold them to account for messing things up for us, and we need leaders from our class, not the rich Yale cheerleaders or the Boston Sailboarding richboys...

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    It is my American right and DUTY to make fun of the president. You act like no one every made fun of Jimmy Carter or Ford or called Clinton names.

    As for the military, most Americans do support the military but they may question the role of the military and how they military conducts the war. Again, that is the right and DUTY of the American people. When we stop questioning we become sheep and the sheep will lose their nation.

    As for those who are truly against the military and those serving in it-well, this is America, people are free to be wrong and to make themselves look like jerks. That's actually one of the freedoms that people in the military are fighting to preserve, isn't it?

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    Anyone who did not vote for that idiot in office has the right to disrespect and make fun of him...he has not earned the respect of this nation and doesnt deserve it. However, you can think that Bush is an idiot and still love our military and what they are trying to do for us. They are serving their country, even though a lot of them do not agree with some of the things their "leader" has made them do. They are the honor of this country and they deserve our undying respect and devotion. Not Bush.

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    i agree with your views entirely! my dad is retired military and is from the "old school" ways of thinking and beliefs, so i was raised with respect for our country and military. he spent 25 years of his life fighting for this country, but can't even get half way descent health care for himself or my mom, and what they do get they have to pay for. no one seems to care for our military active or retired. they are the "enimies" in the point of view of most people now days. how can our fellow countrymen/women feel this way about the very people who, past and present, have given their lives for this country and what few rights we have left.

    and don't even get me started on that subject...i mean it isn't bad enough that the heroes are giving their lives for our freedom, but now the government is taking our freedom away from us. we can't even ride down the road without a seat belt anymore without getting a ticket. don't our government and our cops have better things to do than worry about me choosing not to wear my own seat belt and endanger my own life? why aren't they out there worrying about the child rapest/killers and who's lives they are endangering?

    our government and our anti-military idiots of this country need to get with the program! if our morals and standards aren't heightened soon, this country is going to have a rude awakening!

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    It's called freedom of speach.

    It is the nature of human beings, we build someone up just so that we can tear them down. Look at Clinton, the media elected him the first go round and just as soon as he stepped into office they proceeded to tear him down (He helped some) but that is the way of our country.

    Even though we tear them down, we will step up to the plate and protect them is we are under attack. Look how united we were just days after 9/11

    United against a common foe. 100% behind our president.

    (At least for a while hahahaha)

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    1 decade ago

    It's not about a "war on terror" or "fighting for freedoms".

    Here's what's REALLY going on with Iraq!...


    Maybe people disrespect the president because they found out what's NEXT on the agenda!...




    And maybe they found out that 911 was an inside job!...


  • Remember when W. told the country we went to war with Iraq because of the 9/11 attacks then he said they had "no connection" and the country somehow forgot............. I guess you probably did too.

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    For one thing-we are overrun with illegals. Some people say 12Million but I think it is double that.I think this has caused a lot of confusion and breaking up of old fashioned respect for our country and for each other.

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    I fought in Nam and my son died in Afghanistan, so don't tell me I don't have the right to make fun of the president! Don't you dare confuse my way of showing patriotism with being unamerican.!!!! People are dieing TONIGHT to secure that right! "I may not agree with you but I'll fight to my death for your right to express it" that's patriotism!!!!

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