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Drinking after nine?

ok I am trying to lose weight and using every trick in the book to do so. I count my calories, i workout 5-7 times a week for 50 minutes and i do not eat 3 hours before i go to bed, but i have heard something that i am curious about . I heard that if your trying to lose weight you should not drink anything after 8pm . Is this a factual weight loss tip or is it just a load of fiction.


i realize i said nine at the top . i actual meant 8.

Update 2:

by the way I mean evn something such as water. I dont drink any high calorie juice especially at night. I mean anything like water or a none calorie drink.

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    It is a myth - in fact, it is good to have a non-caffeinated drink (water or sports drink) before you go to bed, it keeps you hydrated.

    Understand that weight = input (calories) - output (exercise) - and that doesn't depend on the time of the day.

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    not anything that is loaded with calories tho.....if you do try water.....its easy to lose although sometimes we can retain it if you drink too much and not work out but you can sweat it out or urination

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