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Long Distance Relationship -- please HELP!?

i've been in a long distance relationship for 8 months... and its going really good. we have our problems, and fights, just like every couple, and we've been through a lot! but, my homecoming is this weekend, and i was planning on going. but when i told him this, he told me that he doesn't want me to go. he said he doesn't want me dancing with other guys. i want to go, but i dont want him to be mad and i dont want to fight about it. i really love and respect him, but i just don't know what to do. go... not go?

what should i do?!?


i have seen him before

and this is not an online realtionship, it is much more than that.

he also can not make it here and go with me, because he doesnt have the money to come.

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    My wife and I started out our relationship long distance. I left to the military 3 days after our first date. We, just like you guys, had our ups and downs. It was really hard to learn to trust someone whom you basically get to know over the phone. I'm telling you that without that trust, unfortunately, you guys will not make it. We got married after almost 2 1/2 years of long distance, and it didn't stop there. I left on my first deployment right after we got married. We were apart A LOT. We learned to trust each other though. We truly loved one another and knew there was nothing to worry about.

    I'll admit, I had my jealous moments, just like your boyfriend is having, but I had to just suck it up and let her do what she wanted to do. I knew I couldn't expect her to just sit at home bored and wait for me. That's ridiculous. She had to live her life too. Before long, after sucking it up and letting her go out and have fun, I started to lose that jealousy thing completely and began to totally trust her. It eventually got to the point that it wasn't an issue at all anymore.

    So I say "go". Let him suck it up. He needs to learn to trust you, or you'll always have this issue so long as you're together. That will make for some miserable times. Learn to grow in your relationship now, rather than later.

    Some advice I give to anyone in a long distance relationship: Never hang up the phone still argueing. Never. Always work things out as best you can before you hang up.

    Good Luck!

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    You have been in a long distance relationship for 8 months? Have you ever met this guy in person? If this in an online romance forget him.

    If it isnt, he is NOT being fair to you nor does he care about what YOU want. Why cant he come and take you? If it means that much to him that you not go with anyone else the least he could do is take the time and take you himself.

    This is a once in a life time thing for you and I would hate to see you miss this because of him. As long as you go with a friend and there is no way of anything else happening afterwards there is absolutely nothing wrong with you going.

    I think this guy is a control nut who is going to end up hurting you. Maybe not physcially but emotionally.

    Long distance relationships rarely work out, did you know that? That is unless one of you moves to where the other one is.

    For your own happiness GO TO THE PROM.

    If he gets mad he will either get over it or stay mad. If he stays mad, then you know you dont need him. Please go!!!!!

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    I dont think of anybody desires to have a protracted distance relationship. existence occurs and gets interior the way, you basically could artwork around it. If somebody desires to be with their long distance BF or GF adequate/or they love them adequate, they're going to pass to the place the different individual is and supply up the long distance undertaking. those people who've relationships over the internet or out of state "only because of the fact" are in all probability dropping their time. long distance relationships wont final if there isnt dedication.

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    the only thing i can say about long distance relationships is that they never work. you try to make it work, you stay in touch, then one day the phone calls only come once every other week, letters that use to arrive reguarly just stop coming, and then one of you will call the other and say that you both just need to go your seperate ways. so yes go to the dance have fun, and if he truly cared about your feelings he would tell you the same thing

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    long distance relationships dont work, guys cant go without for more than a few days

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    He likely feels jelous that another guy, instead of him is having a chance of sharing a fun time with you. Look at it from his point of view. he misses you..wants to be with you...and you will be with another man doing what he would love to have a chance to do which is close to you.....

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    if u really luv him n respect him,u must listen to wat he said yar...there are mus tough reason why he don want u to go for the homecoming.its hard to make long distance relationship.u r one of the luckiest woman that can extand with that,u must appreciate it n doing da best as u can to make sure that u will be with him forever...

    Source(s): im also hav long distance relationship wit my bf.understanding each other is da most important...
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    hes got issues with trust obviously

    ul need 2 tlk 2 him bout it, theres no reason y u shudnt go

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    You'll regret not going for the rest of your life.If he can't understand that he's an idiot.Tell him if he's that worried about it to get his butt there and go with you.

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    Tell him you are going to find a hot chick, so that when you finally meet with him, y'all can have a threesome.

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