Why do they need to lecture?

Why is it that religious people feel the NEED or the DESIRE to preach to other people? I posted an answer to somebody's question, in a very friendly manner, and I was bombarded with Emails from religious whackos wanting to preach to me because I dont believe Jesus died on a cross for me! lol. Seriously. I know i'm going to get a couple with this question. So to those of you feeling that deep seeded urge to preach...i ask for you to STOP... and instead ask yourself WHY do you feel the need to preach? Why do you think that the WORDS that you say will be any different from the words that i've already heard 235984569347 times during these arguments. Do you not realize that with each time you rant and rave about why GOD is great, that you actually force those you are preaching to distance themselves from your god...simply because they want to distance themselves from YOU!?!? Seriously, you would have better luck using puppets to try to convert us than some fire and Brimstone tactic.


I guess part of the problem is that they "know" they are right.and that they "KNOW" there is a god. What crack pots.

Update 2:

lol and no... i am not preaching about not believing... because to be honest. I can't say there ISN"T a god...or that there ISN"T a heaven. Because get this... I DONT KNOW SQUAT! lol. But at least i can admit it. At least I can say... hey... maybe...just maybe... I AM WRONG. lol. But there are a lot of crackpots out there that KNOW god exists and feel compelled to tell us about it. EVEN when we dont want to. Freedom of religion... also means freedom FROM religion.

Update 3:

The sad part is... this question is the only thing I've posted in this section recently. All the responses about religion were about different things... lol. I've seen them in sports... in family and relationships...and IT DOESN"T APPLY. So...no I wouldn't be surprised to get those responses here. Not at all. Although..it would be nice to see someone speak their own mind rather than something quoted from the bible.

A great example: I believe in god... because there isn't a better alternative! << great answer.

I believe in god because I'm happy with my life and think he had a lot to do with it. << acceptable!

But to preach to someone in a non religious section about something that doesn't apply simply because you believe something. To track them down and send them email after email trying to PROVE there is a god when...i never tried to force my views on them? Fanatics? can we say fanatics?

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    You are free to express your feelings and so are they. I understand what you are talking about...I do. They really make a bad name for us Christians who aren't like that.

    I don't know why they do what they do - but I can say I used to be like that - I felt "I HAD TO GET THE WORD OUT" ...but I don't believe that now....I don't bombard or judge...I truly respect each individual views and a lot of people know I am a religious person, but not what "category" i am in. I believe in God - but I don't LIVE EAT AND BREATHE it to the point of OVER KILL.

    Those people are just brainwashed...I hate to say it - but they are. The fire and brimestone just brainwashes you away from God's truths, because we are listening to HUMANS preach God's word and not just listening to God ourselves.

    So Good Luck..believe what you need to believe and maybe one day you can meet someone who truly shows you God's love without saying 1 word.

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    try to be tolerant I'm feeling just the same but one must keep in mind these major groups are religiously challenged and actually believe their bovine fecal matter ... grant them an M.D. for mentally defective ....not much else one can really do....as Einstein once said He could not believe in a God that rewards or punishes the good and the bad .... Brimstone doesn't emanate from the grave either ....

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    Why my dear friend why does it offend you so? Are you not preaching telling others not to preach? Are you not offering your gospel of unbelief and preaching it just as strongly and just as offended that believers will not accept your belief? You seem to be quite a hypocrytical here.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jeez! After preaching that sermon I'm surprised you didn't pass the offering plate to take a collection!

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  • Buzz s
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    1 decade ago

    It seems that you have the answer to the question you asked. The diatribe below it suggests a need for you to the same thing!

  • Tim 47
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    1 decade ago

    the only question I have?

    why are you surprised that people of religion answer you with their beliefs on yahoo's R+S section of answers?

    And, don't you realize that you are ranting?

  • dave
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    1 decade ago

    Nice lecture.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't you feel embarrassed for them?

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