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TV commercials?

Can you explain why TV commercials have to be SO LOUD.

This is a very serious topic in which I am very upset about. I see no reason for this practice. They say that high decibals are very bad. They are as bad as boom boxes.. I think most people do not appreciate this. A little consideration would be in order. Thank you!

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    Marketers will go to great lengths to push their crap on the American public.

    As long as these marketing campaigns work on naive consumers, they will continue to do what works.

    If you don't like it, then don't buy it. That's the best advice I can give you...

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    This is such a pet-peeve of mine and its

    been going on forever.

    Someone said the other day they make them louder so you can hear them in the

    kitchen while you're getting a refill...

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    OMG!!! I complain about that all the time. It only used to be FX, but now it's every cable station. I think that the network people (or sponsors) want to make sure that you hear their advertisements when you get up to get a drink, go pee, etc. but all it does is make me instinctively hit my MUTE BUTTON!!!! Geeze!!!!

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    It is so you can still hear it when you leave the room - to get something to eat from the kitchen, or head down the hall to the bathroom, etc!

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    It's a gimic to get your attention. Obviously it works since you have paid attention to the ad when the volume goes up.

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    I have noticed that the ads are louder than the programs. It usually wakes me up when the TV is watching me.

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    I think they figure if people have to adjust the volume on their TV, they must be paying attention. For me, I would be looking all over hell for the remote!!!!

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    They are loud so you can hear them and rush out and buy the products.

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