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Should it be illegal to take someone off of life support even if they or their family request it?

I think it should be. People on a respirator are depressed and can't consent to DNR's and life support plug pulling. Their families shouldn't be able to consent either.

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    yes it should. my opion?

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    Where at all are you getting that all people on respirators are depressed? I can safely say that all people on respirators can't breathe on their own, but not all are depressed.

    This is the reason you should draw up a living will. You get to make the decison for yourself if you would like artificial life support if something were to ever happen.

    I think after a considerable amount of time, if no progress had been made, then they are already gone as it is and they should pull that plug. The only reason people are kept on life support (for an overwhelming amount of time) is for the people left behind. They can't deal with their grief and are still in the "denial" or "bargaining" stage of grief.

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    If whoever it is already signed a DNR, it means they already consented. They do not want to be left "alive" in a vegetative state. It would not be right to do that to someone if there is no hope of them recovering again. And if their family believes it is time to "pull the plug" then that is a very personal decision.

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    If that person has a living will requesting that no life sustaining treatments be used to revive them, then it is not illegal to take that person off life-support. In fact, once that person's wishes are known through a legally binding document and that person is found to be, at the time the document was written or recorded, of sound mind, then it is illegal to keep them on life support. People on respirators are not necessarily depressed. In fact, it might be a person's wishes to live in a manner in which they cannot survive on their own. For it to be made illegal for a person to determine his or her own fate when being kept alive is only occurring because of a machine is unconscionable.

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    People on respirators are not necessarily depressed. It depends on why someone is on a respirator, how long they've been on it, and what their prognosis is.

    Besides, if your ONLY problem were that you needed a machine to breathe for you, but you weren't in a persistent vegetative state or brain dead, no one would be thinking of pulling the plug.

    I think people should be able to decide for themselves about quality of life and end of life issues. And if they're not capable, then the families should be able to decide.

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    you are so wrong here a life support is an abomination if the person can not get better It just prolongs a really bad experience and ends in death Many people now have living wills to consent in advance. Have you erver bed at the bedside of a loved one who is on one and wont recover? I think not. I have to have it tiurned off so a person I loved

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    NO it should not be if you think about it is only in the last 60 years that it has even become an issue for thousands of years those that could not look after themselves were allowed to heres a better question. What gives us the right to decide the quality of life for someone else. Who are we to judge that if they cannot speak for themselves they wouldnt want to be let go. If you would put down a favorite cat becuase it suffers or might why not let someone you love go?

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    No,it should not be illegal.That is why it is important for everyone to let their family know their wishes before something happens.I have medical POA for my parents,meaning if they are unable to make the decision if that time should ever come,then it is up to me to make the decision.I know their wishes and will follow them.Letting someone linger on life support machines is cruel.I have been a nurse for over 25 years,it is heartbreaking to see the person on the machine almost begging you with their eyes to please do something to end their misery.Some people on these machines are still aware of what is going on around them.

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    That is where you are entirely wrong. It is why one makes out a living will while they still are clear on their wants.

    I, after watching my sister struggle for a year fighting cancer, made sure that my wishes were known legally in this matter.

    If a machine is all that is keeping me alive, I am not alive. I merely exist.

    Life support mostly only helps those of us who do not want to let go of the ones we love so much.

    If there is truly no chance of survival, you would only be prolonging your own agony :-(

    I've been there................

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    No...would you want to lay in a bed the rest of your life a vegetable?? I for one wouldn't...if you are that concerned you should fill out an advanced directive so you can make you own choice...but I would want my family to pull the plug if I had no hope of recovering.

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