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what web site to go to see if your pitbull is purebred?

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    There is no way to really tell if any dog is pure breed unless it is AKC registered.

    Then it has a lineage and family tree so to speak.

    It is correct that the AKC doesn't recognise the american pitbull however somepeople actually have a Staffordshire

    Bull Terrier, a American

    Staffordshire Terrier , and a Bull Terrier thinking it is a pit and they are AKC.

    They are all also breeds that have bans on them in places because of the confusion and lack of understanding of the breed.

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    You can check the CKC ( Canadian Kennel Club) - for the breed standard for a purebred. The American Kennel Club does not recognize the American Pitbull.

    A pedigree is something different. This is the lineage of the dog's line.

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    without registration papers there is no positive way...the UKC recognizes the American Pit Bull Terrier... you can look for the breed standard and compare your dog to that....

    Source(s): pitbull rescue for 6 years
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    there isn't akc, doesn't recognize pits, if your pit is registered, than that is the only real way to know.

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    Not just"NO" but "HEL* NO!!!"

    If you don't have PROOF-registration paperwork-you have a MUTT/MONGREL!!! Period,end of story.

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