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what gas is responsible for the popping sound when the magnesium metal was placed in hydrochloric acid?

hydrochloric acid, magnesium metal, hydrogen gas, magnesium chloride

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    It's H2 (hydrogen) gas.

    Mg (s) + 2HCl --> MgCl2 + H2 (g)

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    Huzz has a sturdy answer. you have to be conscious however that if the test became into carried out with an unstoppered beaker, the hydrogen gasoline that became into created in the course of the reaction will get away and the mass of the beaker WILL substitute. It seems such as you probably did the test so for you to understand no be counted if or not they recommend a stoppered or unstoppered beaker i think of. I further a hyperlink to a video on youtube of the reaction. edit: -additionally with reference to Huzz's submit, if something, i think of the beaker mass will boost. The escaping hydrogen is far less dense than the air which will replace it (for this reason it rises out of the beaker) so a similar quantity would be crammed by utilising denser air. additionally, purely to make sparkling, in basic terms the 1st specimen in the youtube video is magnesium

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    That would be hydrogen.

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    H (gas)

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