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I need a good recipe for matzoh ball & chicken soup?

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    First you make chicken broth, either the lazy way (canned chicken broth or bullion cubes) or the real way. The real way is to boil a chicken in water with onion, garlic, thyme, rosemary and celery. After a while (bout 45 min) pick the meat off of the chicken and leave it in the soup, break all the bones in half and put the back in the soup inside some cheescloth so they are easy to get out. Boil it another hour or two untill it tastes like chicken broth.

    For the Matzoh balls I just use the recepie on the box of Manachevitz matzoh meal. Or you can buy matzoh ball mix.

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    Don't over mix the matzo balls and dip your fingers in water before rolling the balls if you want to keep them light and fluffy. I got this tip from the Food Network a few yrs ago. Sorry no recipe. You can download one off of the Food Network though.I use the one on the box too!

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    I like to go to or to get good recipes

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