what is the most weight gained in a day?

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    try it........

    Deciding to Get Fat


    This article is for people who are thinking about getting fat. I'll assume you already know plenty of reasons not to. If you don't know the reasons, do some research already! There's plenty of information on the internet.

    Okay, why should I get fat?

    The reasons vary from individual to individual, but usually it's a combination of the following:

    You like fattening food. Your favorite foods just happen to be laden with calories and you're tired of passing them up all the time. Wouldn't it fun to always order dessert when you go to a restaurant? Or even have an extra dessert? Once you've decided to get fat, you can have all the fattening goodies you want.

    You like to overeat. Obviously, if you decide to get fat you can overeat as much as you want. And once you get fat, your capacity will increase, allowing you to overeat even more.

    You're tired of feeling guilty. If you're trying to keep your weight down and failing, you will feel guilty over your weakness, your inability to control your appetite. But if you decide to gain, there's suddenly nothing to feel guilty about.

    If you gain weight, it's not a sign of failure, it's a sign of success!

    If you eat more than you planned, it's not a sign of weakness, it just means that you're getting good at this.

    You hate dieting. If you decide to get fat you never have to diet again. In fact, you really shouldn't diet again. If you have the idea in your mind that you might diet at some point, it will undermine your decision to gain, and invite guilt (see previous point). There's no sense in getting fat if you're going to feel guilty about it.

    Your significant other wants you to gain. This is not a good reason to gain by itself, but if you want to gain anyway, why not enjoy it?

    You find it erotic. Of course, this is one of the main reasons people gain on purpose. If you feel that way, you already understand it better than I could ever explain. If you don't, you probably never will.

    Okay, I've thought about it, but I'm still afraid of what people will say.

    You shouldn't get fat if you can't get past that. You have to be able to transcend what people say or you won't enjoy getting fat. But what are they going to say, anyway? That you're getting fat? Big deal, you know that already. Are they trying to make you feel guilty because you eat a lot? Hey, you're eating a lot because you want to, remember? Nothing to feel guilty about! You may want to try talking to people about your plans. It sounds hard, but talking to them after you've gained may be even harder. Tell them you are sick of dieting and thinking about giving it up. See how they react. Maybe they can deal with it better than you think.

    What if I decide to get fat, start gaining, but still feel guilty about it?

    Stop gaining. You aren't ready.

    Okay, I'm not ready to get fat--but I really want to. How do I get ready?

    Make plans for getting fat and deal with any issues ahead of time, before you actually start gaining.

    When you buy clothes, they should be a size or two too large. You may want to but some extra big ones, just for fun.

    Get rid of all your favorite outfits that you won't be able to wear after you start gaining.

    Afraid of how your friends will react? Discuss it with them ahead of time. You may want to find new friends, who are fat themselves or at least fat-tolerant.

    If you currently need to climb lots of stairs in the course of your day, move or change jobs so as to minimize that need.

    Quit any activities where excessive weight would be a problem. Ballet, tennis, and pole-vaulting are not recommended for fat people.

    Find all the restaurants, bakeries, all-you-can-eat buffets that you'll want to go to when you start gaining. Get your mind thinking about all that wonderful food you're going to get to eat.

    Buy yourself gift certificates from restuarants and bakeries and promise yourself you won't use them until you decide to get fat.

    Collect the menues of food outlets that deliver. You don't want to have to eat less just because you don't feel like going out.

    Save your money. The more money you have, the easier and more fun it will be getting fat.

    Consider becoming a glutton, especially if your main reasons for gaining are that you like overeating and/or prefer fattening food. If you devote yourself to gluttony, eating is your top priority. Getting fat is just a sign of success. Take the Glutton's Pledge to get you started and repeat the pledge in times of doubt.

    As you deal with these issues, you will reinforce your conviction to gain. Also, these are all issues you won't have to deal with later, so there will be less to worry about.

    If you find yourself balking at any of these steps, you have to re-examine your wish to get fat. Maybe it's not meant to be! Or maybe it will give you an insight as to why you have reservations. If you find one of these steps particularly difficult, that's a good indication of what you need to work on. Deal with it, and you may find your guilt vanishing.

    How will I know when I'm ready?

    Gain a few pounds. If you feel guilty, you aren't ready. If you don't, you're on your way!

    It is common for people to gain happily for awhile, and then balk when the new pounds really start to show. Don't let this happen to you! You'll just make yourself miserable. Remember that you decided to get fat! Those new bulges are a sign of success! Just reward yourself with a nice, fattening meal--you deserve it!

    Okay, I'm ready. What now?.......

    How to Get Fat


    This article is not for people who are 'too skinny' and want to reach a normal weight, or for people who want to put on muscle, or for people who want to gain weight for health reasons.

    This article is for people who want to be fatter than they are now. People who want to be fatter than the insurance charts and diet mavens say you're supposed to be.

    This is not the healthiest thing to do. You're doing it because you want to be fat so much that the risks are worth it. i you'd like, check a Life Expectancy Calculator to see what impact this weight may have on your health. You will be able to do other things to compensate. Also, while these tips will help you gain weight, you should go back to more sensible eating habits when you're not gaining weight.

    If you try out these tips, I'd appreciate it if you tell me how things go. E-Mail mail though yahoo answers.

    The Tips

    Don't eat too often...always skip breakfast, and even lunch if you can. But when you finally do eat, eat a lot. This will be easy, because you'll be really hungry. Also, your metabolism will have slowed down from your fasting; more of the food will be converted to fat.

    Always set out a large variety of fattening food, more than you can eat. This will stimulate the appetite. Even if you can't finish, you'll eat a great deal.

    Exactly what you eat is not so important. Eat the foods you enjoy the most, especially if they're fattening.

    If eating lots of fattening food makes you feel nauseated, eat less of it. Gradually increase the the proportion of fattening food you eat until you can eat lots of it easily.

    Don't eat too much! If you eat to the point of pain, overeating may become a chore and become harder and harder to do. Have fun!

    Drink some alcohol whenever you overeat. This will encourage the body to store the extra calories as fat. It will also make it more fun to stuff yourself.

    A "Feeder", usually a lover who wants to see you gain, will be of great use. Make sure your Feeder reads this article and helps you follow all the tips.

    It also helps to find an 'Eating Buddy', someone else who also wants to gain. You will eat more if other people are eating with you.

    The best eating buddy is one who is fatter and has a bigger appetite than you do, to provide you with a good example.

    Only grocery shop when you're hungry. You will tend to buy fattening food, and more of it.

    Get some exercise, but not too much.

    To check your progress, measure your thigh at the fullest part. This is a much more reliable measure of fatness than weight or belly measurements, which can change depending on how much you've eaten or (for women) the time of the month.

    Don't try to hide those extra pounds...it won't work anyway. Wear them proudly!

    Never apologize for your appetite.

    Never apologize for how much you've gained.

    Never apologize for how big you are.

    If people comment on your weight, just shrug and say you really like to eat.

    Warning: You may enjoy this more than you expect! Don't be surprised if you end up fatter than you're contemplating now.

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    Don't fully know. I know it depends on what you eat ans how your body is. My guess is if you eat a;ot of grease and pat you can add 3 pounds. Like i said, just guessing.

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