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Do clothes make the man or is it irrelevant in attraction to the opposite sex?

My friend tried to tell me that the way you dress makes a big difference in if a girl wants you or not. I told him that's b.s. because if your conversation, charm, etc. is good enough you can look like a bum and still get any female to be by your side. Even a drop dead gorgeous type. I dress any way I want to and I still holler at the ladies regardless of what I look like because frankly I don't give a damn. He's always like you can't wear that at the club with me. He's real self conscious and I'm not when it comes to clothes, fashion, color coordinating and all that garbage! What do you think? Clothes make a difference to a female yes or no?

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    No it doesn't make the man for me. Personally I love a Jeans and T-Shirt type man. That to me is so sexy and I actually love a man that doesn't really think about his fashion and just is more into going with the flow and having fun. Who cares what clothes you're wearing. It wouldn't matter if I had just met him or knew him forever I still wouldn't want a man that primps himself ewww lol

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    To some women, it's very important. To others, they couldn't care less.

    For the women who notice what a man is wearing, it can be a sign of his personality and other below the surface traits.


    A sloppy dressed man looks like he doesn't care enough to take care of himself. He looks lazy, irresponsible, and immature. If he has that little self respect, then there is no way he can respect a woman the way she deserves. If he's slob in his clothing, then he's probably a slob in other areas of his life as well. We don't want to date a man thinking that his place will be a dump, and he'll turn ours into one too if given the time. We don't want to go into a relationship thinking that we will have to be this guy's maid just to be around him.

    A well dressed man looks like he takes care of himself. He takes pride in his appearance, and respects himself. So he's probably responsible, neat, and orderly in other areas of his life too. He'll know how to treat a lady, and he's willing to make the effort for us. He won't expect us to clean up after him, and he won't expect us to wait on him hand and foot.

    For me, it's not so much style and color coordinating as it is that he looks like he took the time and effort to look his best. Whether it's jeans and a tee or a full suit, he should look like he cares about his appearance. If women are going to spend an hour or more trying to impress a man, then he should be willing to take at least a few minutes to take a shower, shave, pick out a decent outfit, and do something with his hair.

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    Clothes definitey make a difference. The fit and style are both important. Most people say, it doesn't matter as long as they are clean, but that's not necessarily true. Noone wants to be seen with somebody who looks like they stole their clothes from the Good Will donation box. If I am with an individual, I geel like they are a reflection of me and on me.

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    Of course. It is a way of presenting yourself. When people don't know you very well, they always judge you by their own stereotype experience. Stereotype is not a bad thing. It's the way how we react to it. I think you should go with your personality. Wear anything that's YOU!! and sometimes play around with your presentation. Have fun!!

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    It does make a difference to most women. The more flashier you are dressed, it looks like you have money. Most women want a guy with money.

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    Well if a man is charming and walking around like hobo, I wont be intrested. So I guess, yea, clothin does make a difference. unless you arent wearing any and are hung like king kong.

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    Depends what Kind of Guys the Girl is in To.

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    not really, if ur close r really tight its weird, and if they r like falling off its kinda weird, but it really doesn't matter if u can talk and win ur away through conversation.

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    it makes a huge difference

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    whatever you style is whatever.

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